Thursday, December 31, 2009

Countdown New Year at Sunway Pyramid

Last night I suggested to go see the fireworks I have been talking about in the evening. So we head to Burger King but the restaurant is not open? Oh.. that is sad because that's the best place to hang out and then go to the bridge and watch the fireworks like last year. As the year 2008 we head to see without any supper at the bridge.

Anyway last year 2009 worst year for us, we parked the car at Sunway Pyramid shopping mall and guess what we not manage to see the whole fireworks as we are standing near the entrance of mall. Then we got stucked in the jam at carpark which leads us out only at 2 something so we reached home 2.30am!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Smoking corner

Sean lately is behaving not so good, he wants to find battery then he pretending he is smoking. That is bad, this started sometimes ago then he stopped and now he started again. Must be watching the people next door smoking, the construction workers there to renovate the house but at the same time they are also smoking!

I don't want him to grow up smoking, my sister's exboy friend is a smoker and he cannot stop smoking for many years. He started since he was a kid as his grandma always sell cigarettes.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Holiday

I am not ready yet as everyone need to go the restaurant to wait for the couple to arrive for tea ceremony. It is the wedding day for hubby's cousin, they are at Bahau which is far away from here. Anyway I am waiting to see the bride's wedding gown, I saw her wedding photos all her wedding gowns are off shoulders so pretty!

Yeah they have two wedding album and comes with a brieft case. The wedding album first page is made of glass with their photo on, so pretty and unique. The price of the photography and wedding pictures $4,000. They are going for honeymoon to Hong Kong next month.

This reminds me that hubby and me have been married for 7 years.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Christmas Pictures, Images and Photos

How is everyone doing? Did you go for the last minute shopping?

It is quite common here that everyone prefer to go last minute so they can get better deal. Last minute shopping you will need to queue longer and wait your turn to get out of the car park.

Not sure if it is the same at your place.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Pushing chairs and tables

Sean is having fun on his own right now, he is busy pushing the sofa away. Yeah he has the energy to push away the sofa against the door. In fact he can even lock you outside if you are out alone. He will keep laughing if you are lock outside.

He is busy with the chairs arrangement, sometimes in the living it is full of chairs. A row of six dining chairs he can grab and line them up. There is a microphone for him to play, it belongs to my mom but we seldom use it.

Houses here are having renovation I can hear the bang here and there.

Transformers watch


Kids love Transformers so do I, when I was a kid I keep my eyes on the TV more than anything.

As I told you about the Transformers Watch that my sis got for Sean, this is the one!

Later we are going out again as hubby need to head to the bank for bank in car loan. Other than that, I need to buy banana for Sean as this afternoon he cried to have one. I got the feeling that this week is gonna be busy for everyone!

If you wonder where you can get this watch, head to the Ampang Tesco! It was my first time there and I plan to go again but depend on hubby's mood. He hates driving far away, but I don't see he complains about driving back hometown.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Lost Transformers and Ben10 Stickers

Yesterday we head to a mall in Kuala Lumpur, I paid $10 for Sean's Transformers and Ben 10 Stickers. I think hubby lost it and he keeps saying that I am the one that hold it. Anyway we lost it, it is out first time to Ampang Tesco. They are so many people there we need time to find parking. I can say that the Ampang Tesco is more crowd than Puchong Tesco.

There is so many to see and buy at Ampang Tesco. Yeah more stalls to see, but the toilet there is limited! Hubby saw the toilet very small and crowded with people so he has no chance to go. Not just him but ladies too, we need to queue up and wait.

We only reached home in the evening around 5pm. We are tired so no cooking and eat out at a restaurant cost $60 of three rice, three dishes, four drinks, and a Kajang Hot Pepper Soup.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Son washed my car :D

Right now Sean is washing my car, he is good boy but he is demanding too. This morning we headed to Starbuck coffee, do you know where is free coffee from 11am to 1 pm? I manage to grab the coffee and sister-in-law Jen too but Sean needs to be special order as he not drink hot coffee.

Starbuck coffee I like to purchase from Sunway Pyramid and MidValley as you can buy one get one free. :D

I have been busy all day long and not finished reading the newspaper.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Elai ad is up until 15 Jan 2010

Yeah now Elai ad space is up so everyone is welcome click on the banner to visit her.

I am tired as Sean wakes up early everyday even though he sleeps late. Now we are watching Boa Vs Python. Oh I like to watch this but I prefer Anaconda. :) Sean likes to watch excitement and adventure movies.

Last night my sis called me bu I was in my room so hubby chat with her. Anyway she is upset that her stuff is stolen and clothes exchange? I think she should seek help from police but I doubt she will do that. She just need to be more careful next time.

Almost forgot to say that Elai's ad space is up at other blog too. Not getting any news from twins I guess they are busy as sister in law K having exams.

Don't worry be happy

I am sure everyone has got something to worry so let's just keep this in mind. Don't worry be happy, I love this song so much, it is the one I often heard at the cinema? Do you remember that? I think it is the advertisement of jolly shandy. :D

This Friday is holiday, do you have any plan? I do have one but I am not sure if my plan will be smooth on that day. Two weeks from now there will be a wedding to attend. Hubby needs to help out his cousin as he needs more car for fetching the bridesmaids. So far they have got four cars!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

I am fat

Yesterday hubby and myself at grandpa's funeral, I am able to see many relatives there. But most of them I cannot recall their name. My uncle who is back from Australia says that I am fat. I am not alone as he also says that another relatives also fat after married. It seems that the wife follow hubby who loves to eat.

By the way I don't know that after the funeral services over you need to change your entire. My aunt was very sad as she was the one that care for my grandpa for many years. I seldom exercise that is why I am having pain on my leg.

The funeral ceremony on Friday's night was three hours which you need to pray and sing. I don't know how to sing as I just see from the book, they given but my sisters know the songs very well. Other than that need to bend down and pray for many times! Another cousin spotted me and asking why I am there.

What a silly question, I am there because I want to pay last respect to grandpa.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Kerry Blogversary

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

First Giveaway by Ayu

I am sure you are waiting to find out how you can take part First Giveaway by Ayu.

Hadiah Cabutan Bertuah + Mystery Gift

Hadiah utk The Best Entry + Mystery Gift

I love this giveaway as the frames are so lovely, everything you see are the Prizes! Giveaway ends on 15 Dec, 2009 you stand the chance to win if you take part. :)

Short of cash

Everyone knows that Christmas is just few weeks away, everyone need to prepare gift for loved one. Christmas is a special moment for family and loved one to spend together. Some people have plan on going for a holiday this season, how about you?

I am sure you know that money is hard to earn but easy to spend. This evening we headed to shopping mall for groceries and with less than 25 things in the trolley it cost us MYR$220. So little things but cost so much, the family ahead of us spend even more. The couple have got four children and their spending MYR$500.

Everyday you find some people with short of cash that is why you need to list down what you need to buy. We can have everything but money is important when comes to emergency for example health. I know I need cash to pay for Sean's medical insurance.

When I think of money I will think of emergency loans. This site is where people get emergency cash that they need. Of course there are terms and conditions which they need to find out. When comes to emergency, you will find many ways hope that you are able to get the amount of money that you want.

Games for boy

I am sure you have seen such games before, I play it before as I got two brothers. I always use their left over toys, the guns are fun to play. Sean was so excited when he saw this toy, he insists to buy. We decided not to buy any at all but he cannot wait at all. We supposed to head for breakfast and we did but over there Sean kept crying and he needs to get his hands on the toy.

After he gets his hands on them, he wants to play it immediately and not want eat at all.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Vitamin C for Sean

I purchase vitamin C for Sean and he loves it so much that he keeps want to eat it. He does not like the calcium any more because he likes the orange taste of Vitamin C.

Now we are waiting at home for brother in law to come and pick the kids up. They are going back today as they need to attend tuition classes. I find that tuition classes are expensive here.

In fact many children are taking tuition class, I taken tuition classes before how about you? I think it help me to do better in the exams.

Next year Sean will be learning to write I hope he will listen to the teacher. I got to know from the teacher on the last day that he falls asleep in class.

Happy weekend to everyone!

Stay over @Brother in law house?

Tomorrow we will go back to PD send the kids back then we are back here again as hubby needs to attend dinner at his colleague home. However sister-in-law Jen told me that mother in law ask us to stay over except for hubby so that Sean can play with them.

Frankly speaking I am not interested and I don't want to see the kids fighting! Yeah even though they are older than Sean they will want to play the games too. The weather in PD super hot and I cannot stand it. I am so bored there that I can just stay in my room!

I prefer to come home for doing things that I want. I am having more freedom here. Over there I cannot stand them talking this and that.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Eggs for Sean

Sean now is interested with eggs, since last week he back from Kindy he will ask for eggs to put on the egg tray. As you can see one of the eggs with plant, that's belong to him.

Teacher must have helped him to plant it and his classmate got the same plant too. Yesterday morning Sean playing with the egg and he breaks one of it. He says Oh Oo...

Where do you buy eggs? I usually shop at Carrefour or Giant or Jusco. I see that there are always spoiled eggs given, I don't know why that always happened.

Such a long holiday but now everyone is back to work. We went to bird park hubby was tired but we had fun looking at the birds. Oh yeah niece and nephew come along and niece afraid of birds, if she saw huge one she will pull your shirt! She wants hurry back to get away from them!

We saw the chicks and two ducklings! They are so cute!

So they are me, hubby, sister-in-law Jen, three children cost MYR$66 to go Bird Park KL. By the way if you got real reward, jusco card there will be little bit discount! Better than no discount right? Don't forget bring along your MYCAD!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

News of grandpa from Australia

This is such a sad email I have got from my uncle in Australia.

just to update. father situation turn worse just the morning my dad and aunt went back, he got water into his lung. reading into his condition father probably got hours or a day or 2 according doctors.
anyway we all need to be ready.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

New bicycle bell for Sean

Sean loves his bicycle so much and his red bell is spoiled so hubby purchase this silver bell for him. It is made in China and he bought it from Daiso. Daiso has many things to choose from but not everything that I am looking for.

Have you been to Daiso, what have you purchase there?

I think Daiso is getting famous here as so many people are going there to shop. It is usually crowded during the weekend.

By the way I think sister-in-law has her period going on more than a week now. She keeps quiet about this, she still takes ABC ice kacang! I cannot always take cold drink when I have period. How about you?

Grandpa condition

My dad and aunt are in Australia to visit my grandpa at hospital. He has not send or call back because he has run out of credit with his hotlink. My dad and aunt will be back tomorrow evening.

Everyone is concern about grandpa's health.

This is email from my 5th uncle regarding my grandpa in Australia.

Grandpa is still in deep coma as a result of the bleeding inside the brain, however, his condition has not deteriorate (but has not improved either). All of us are just waiting and hoping for the best.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Mango tree

I love to eat mango and it is one of my favourite fruits. This one is sour so I not eat always. Nice to make fruit rojak, I think need another week or two to see it bigger. There are two mango trees here at the playground.

There is other fruits like rambutan, I tried before it is sweet but skin is too hard to open so need to chew it open!

I rather eat fruits than the medicine, eat fruits good for health and everyone. I need to buy banana as Sean sometimes asking for it. As for papaya dad's has papaya trees at home!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

That's my good boy!

I am so glad that Sean goes to the Kindy party today, in the morning he wakes up keep crying as refuse to go. He is looking for brother in law kids, yeah all of them. So they pretend to be sleeping in the room when he walks in there.

Since last night hubby and niece have a talk with Sean to go Kindy today. Yeah he is able to understand now and willing to communicate but as per hubby he is stubborn just like me. I don't think I am stubborn, I just stay firm on what I believe.

When we reached the Kindy, the kids are there happy playing with their casual wear. The playground is fixed with two new toys! Good because I saw some of it is broken and kids still playing there. Sean also rides on the broken toy at playground. I guess that is how he got his hand injured with cuts.

For parents kids will be their priority, let me know if I am wrong. As for us, we place Sean as priority which mean education is important too!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Talk to them first

I want to ask if you ever have a hunch that something is going to happen which you cannot predict at all. Well it happened to me I don't know how to explain it but I get the feeling for such a long time and it is what I not expect.

The brother in law David kids are here way too early than I expect. Usually they are only here during the school holiday not before. Sean has got two weeks class from Monday as tomorrow he needs to go Kindy party.

I told hubby about my suggestion that the kids go back with bro on Sunday as the plan was to bring back one of them. As one of them need to go for extra class at school for two weeks too. I know things are not complicate at all but I always see they see.

Anyway I am feeling lost now.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Please pray for my grandpa

My dad and 3rd aunt going to fly to Australia by Air Asia as they want to see my grandpa at hospital. Due to stroke he is now in coma, 5th uncle was saying in email "Please do not have high hope about father, he is in Coma and does not respond at all when I was there."

I wish I can go along but I can't, I have to care for Sean. I do not want to leave Sean with anyone. Even though sister-in-law Jen is here to help but it is not the same. Sometimes she has got temper as she is experiencing menopause but she keeps denying it.

About passport mine is expired, Sean does not have passport. Grandpa was carrying me so my dad can take picture of us, the memory is still fresh in my mind.

Deeply sad about my grandpa condition, I want to be positive that grandma is waiting on the other side. Grandma I have not met before, she passed away not long after having the youngest son in the family.

My dad is going there as he will meet up with another uncle and family.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mr Bean sand picture

I love this because I am the one that play with the sands. It is so much fun to stick the sands on them I always want to know how they do it, now I know as I have hands on experienced. Have you tried it before? I am sure kids love them, Sean has fun playing it and he cannot have enough of it.

I know they are so many to choose from, I do not want to stop playing them but I cannot as I am so tired standing there with many people and kids playing at the same time. We got this from One Utama, I seldom go there it is like once or two months one visit only we headed there. How about you?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ben 10 coming to town!

Oh yeah I am sure everyone knows that the Ben 10 is coming to town. So are you going? We are not going because hubby says there will be a lot people.

This is such a fun sand picture we got from One Utama. Last Friday there were CIMB bank there and there are freebies to play the sand picture. Yeah this picture is not complete as the Ben 10 is not stick with sands.

I know that Sean loves Ben 10 so far he grab the four arms and ice man? Okay I forget the name of ice man toy he has got.

Currently Sean at Kindy so I get to update this blog. Last night we went to 99 supermarket he wants another toy, we say no but he still insists. Lucky us we go back with only chocolate milk for Sean.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Milk not enough

Sean is not having enough of chocolate milk, hubby purchase for him to drink and he can finish them fast!

Last week I was going to buy bread and Sean comes along and he wants more than that. All beverages for him so if you want you need to ask him. Here's tricky part he will only share if the drink he seldom takes it.

He seen the dentist and the charges this time is MYR$60 for the first time it cost so much as usually MYR$40. Then we headed to the restaurant downstair as hubby not eat his dinner yet. I had Asam Laksa there, and hubby ordered chicken rice, for drinks I had ice tea, milo ice for Sean and a glass of coffee for hubby.

Monday, November 2, 2009

MYR$500 not enough to repair washing machine?!

This afternoon the technician called to inform me that my Sanyo washing machine cannot be repair. There need to replace the board and it cost more than $500. I told them yesterday on phone that my budget is $500 take it or leave it!

I even told the lady on phone that I have purchae a new washing machine. In fact their service on repair and maintenance cost even more than my dad's place. They are making profit of at least $100 on electrical items that they are selling.

No kidding, I purchase the water heater from them and it cost $550 but at my dad's place it is only $300. Imagine the profit they are making, now they know my budget to fix the washing machine is just $500. He called me trying to pursuade me to spent more than that.

They told me before taking the washing machine if it can be fixed they will repair it if not they will return it to me. My washing machine is at their shop since last week.

If they are smart they should take $500 and repair my washing machine even though the profit is only $50. It is still money!

Well I am waiting them to call me back, I want to know the cost of checking the washing machine. Yeah nothing is free, they come to home to check need to pay them.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

No time to post office

I have no time to post the Winner MeryWaty Prize, I will try to go sometimes this week or next week.

I am not feeling well myself, I don't know why lately I am getting headache and feeling dizzy as well. Maybe it is the weather and my body is weak.

I need to buy Pati Ayam to drink.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

ELKEN giveaway

There is a giveaway I am taking part ELKEN giveaway,


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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Tomorrow 11 pm

Just a reminder that tomorrow 11pm is the end of Happy Birthday giveaway. If you want to take part be sure to go Happy Birthday giveaway link.

Just an update on the participants

silvergirl - 3 Entries
Azuan - 7 Entries

Ibu Emir
- 2 entries
Taufidris - 5 entries
Juniza - 5 entries
syakila - 5 entries
Zaikulim - 5 entries

Mery - 8 entries
Sharhapin - 7 entries.

whose next?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cake selection

One day we headed to the cake shop, hubby wants to buy a cake to eat. But we not buy anything from the shop because I do not like to eat them. I mean it depends on the flavour which I like but hubby not willing to buy my favourite.

Hubby told me about jelly cake, the website he shows me it cost up to RM700. That's no way I am going to spend the money. RM700 I can buy so many things, even pay up the house hold bills for at least 2 months.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sean does not want to go kindergarten

I am not sure why Sean is not interested to go kindy, when there is no school, he will wakes up early and even asking hubby and me to wake up. When school started he will refused to wake up and not want to go at all.

This morning sister-in-law Jen forced him into car so when we reached there he is not interested to get down from car. Teachers tried asking him down but nobody success, sister-in-law Jen carried him inside and he refused to let go of me.

I asked teacher if any kid bully him but nobody did. Teacher just say he does not talk much always using sign language ( hands to show what he saying).

Hubby is concerned and think something must have happened that's why he refused to go there. Later I will need to find out from teacher as we left anything happen to him.

Anyone care to share your experienced?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Happy 93 Birthday to grandpa

I think my grandpa is coming back this year, I am not very sure yet as uncle emailed to my dad. Uncle said in email that dad will need another helper to care grandpa. I think dad will not hire anyone to help, first it is expensive to hire one and you do not know if the person is qualified or not. Secondly dad never hire anyone to help at home. :(

So far the Happy Birthday giveaway has got two participants.

silvergirl - 3 Entries
Azuan - 7 Entries

Ibu Emir - 2 entries
Taufidris - 5 entries
Juniza - 5 entries
syakila - 5 entries
Zaikulim - 5 entries

Edit: 16 Oct for the particiants now 7 participants :)

Remember the giveaway ends on 18 Oct, 2009.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Azumi First Mini Giveaway Contest

Today is so hot and I am so bored so I am joining the Azumi First Mini Giveaway Contest .

TWO (2) lucky participants will win a $25 Gift Cards to the Shutterfly Store to use for the many print options on the site and additonal prizes from the SPONSORS, and another TWO (2) lucky participants will win the other prizes.


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Interesting question for everyone

Here's interesting question from mom, here's my answer below.

1) What is your greatest strength as a parent?
I am mom, mom knows the best. :)

2) What is your biggest weakness as a parent?
being impatient sometimes and lack of communication

3) What is the one lesson that you hope your child will learn as she grows up?
love herself before love someone

4) If you could make one significant change in your parenting, what would you change?
be firm!

How about you?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Transformers big toy!


Now son has got a new toy, that's Transformers, look how big it is. He loves it and hubby also likes to play with him. I am not sure how to play this toy I mean put it back as Transformers. I find it complicated but hubby knows how to make it back.

By the way my giveaway is going on, just click on the link to take part. So far there is only one participant so you have plenty of chance to win!


The necklace is waiting for the owner to claim to win.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dad's dog is back!

So glad to know from my dad that his dog is back home. Bobby went missing for a week, I sure go the feeling that he was like another dog Kopi who went missing for a week many years ago. Kopi went for holiday by himself and got back dirty murky feet.

So is Bobby but he is very skinny not like Kopi. Kopi is my angel, he is the one that protected me from other stray dogs when I was cycling to tuition. He even waited me at aunt's house and follow me home.

Having pet is for life so most people having a pet in the doggy year. I hope they still have their doggy.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Horror movies

My favourite movie is horror movie but hubby not like to watch at all. It is Hari Raya Celebration yesterday there was a horror movie. Have anyone watched it? It was on TV3 if not mistaken, I watched it before.

Tomorrow there will be another horror movie, it is called Congkak if not wrong. I have not seen it before, have you?

While blogging here, Sean and sister-in-law Jen are busy playing play station one. I think Sean is addicted to play games.

Monday, September 21, 2009

FickleMinded ad is up run til 22 Oct

Yeah I am putting up the Fickle Minded ad up and you can see it will be running for a month.

We are thinking to go out buy some groceries as I am running out of Thai Chili Sauce. I love this sauce, you can find it at all KFC restaurant.

Still thinking what I need to buy, seldom note them down that is why I miss out buying this and that.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Giveaway@Twinshappiness

It is going to be midnight and I am tired. We are just back from shopping, I bought under wear for Sean. There is no transformer under wear so I bought others. It is printed elephants under wear, he has not seen it yet. I hope he likes them, he is choosy now about what he's wearing.

Anyway, Happy Birthday Giveaway has started, everyone is welcome to take part. Woot! Grandpa is 93 years old. The giveaway you can win is LOVE NECKLACE and KEY CHAIN!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy 93 Birthday to grandpa

Yeah today is my grandpa birthday and I make one giveaway just for the celebration. Not any celebration, we miss grandpa so much he is far away from us. He knows we care and love him, we wish him well and Happy Birthday.

Hopefully we are able to save enough money to visit him someday. Grandpa is staying with uncle and he not want everyone to know where they are staying. I am sad to see him make such decision without consult anyone.

Alright get back to the giveaway, one winner will win Love Necklace and Key Chain from Kuching, Sarawak.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Memory card for the games

We need to buy the new memory card for the play station one, the one we have cannot be used any more. It is not functioning at all, that is difficult for everyone to play the games. We always need to start over again to play, I am tired of it.

Almost forgot, tomorrow is Friday I need to go pump petrol for the car. The car is pretty funny always showing up funny signs.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday 141*


Graphic courtesy of Tonya!

1. That's a shopping thought to be.

2. New winners of my ad spaces; I'm over here!

3. The possibilities include:no gathering to see grandpa .

4. Asam Laksa is one of my favorite cool day recipes.

5. How will you know jealousy among siblings.

6. Tough job and a stormy sky.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to bicycle in my dream, tomorrow my plans include fishing crocodile and Sunday, I want to shop groceries!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Get a younger looking eyes for your man

If you are looking for a sample product, there is one for man. I am sure you like to get this for your man, I think he might need to go there to take the sample. It is Clinique skin supplies for men, this is Clinique brand.

Too bad hubby is not interested, my dad will be worst he will not care of it at all. He told me he used soap to wash his face.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Digi directory in Malaysia

Hubby was looking on information on Digi so this website is the best to find the directory. He is using his cell phone with Digi, top up the cell phone every 30 days.

Today he walked to work as everyone still asleep. I don't want to wake up but need to take Sean to Kindy.

I supposed to go bank but I am so lazy and sleepy. Better rest for the day maybe go tomorrow. Not familiar with online banking so prefer to go bank.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ramadhan giveaway

There is a giveaway you can check out, which is Ramadhan giveaway. Giveaway held at

The giveaway ends on 22 Sep, 2009.

I know you like it to take part just click on above link.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bicycle all the way from Port Dickson

Yeah we bought Sean the bicycle and it is all the way from Port Dickson. We took Sean to the clinic at town, one clinic called Chin. Same roll the shop has a bicycle shop, hubby decided to buy him a bicycle.

The grandma at the shop told us RM85 and gave us the best price RM82. We have a good bicycle on hand but things not the way we want as everything coming lose from the bicycle. Brother-in-law David has to fix for Sean.

We also got him the new seater for the bicycle as the red one was broken. Apparently the big kid want to sit on it and cycle and break it. LOL

About the seater, Sean is not comfortable with it. He keeps complain about the pain down there! I know that feeling as I experienced the same with my old bicycle where I used to cycle to tuition classes.

The bicycle Sean named it Fire as its RED COLOUR!

Saturday, August 29, 2009 EXTENDED**

Hi, it is late here and I am not rest yet so like to tell you that my contest will be extend.

Take part in my contest, it is so easy! EXTEND TO 1 SEPT 11.30PM (MALAYSIA TIME)

The prize is SIY a box and Eyeko faceoff a piece with a pink pouch.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Win Slim It Yourself *SIY*

It is pretty hot weather here and my contest is running at Also Mommy ends on 30 Aug, 2009.

Not much update lately as I am feeling hot weather even there is rain in the evening.

Sean wants every chair in the house. He is making train, nephew is taking sweet time an hour not finish the Tom Yam maggi mee.

Alright got to be busy as Sean wants every chair... he is sitting on.


Saturday, August 22, 2009

1st Giveaway by Jessying

This is 1st Giveaway by Jessying and only for residents in Malaysia, as you need to have an address in Malaysia to take part.

How to win ?

1) Be the follower of my blog ( Kindly leave your follow ID for me to check )

2) Just complete a simple slogan in the most interesting way by leaving comment in my this blog entry

" I would like to have the Stage makeover because ........"

3) If you are a blogger, and blog about this then you increase your chance of winning ! (Please kindly email me your blog link)

5) Contest will close on 25th August 12pm and I will announce the winner on the same day. And please kindly check your email and let me your address, I will send poslaju of the vouchers to you on the same day. So by 26 August 2009 , you shall receive my vouchers and can be used it immediately!

So what are you waiting for , join now !

p/s: Don't forget to leave your name , email and your blog address if you have any !

Terms & Conditions

1)Contest opens to anyone living in Malaysia.
2)The result of the contest will be final say and based on my sole judgment.
3) The contest has nothing to do with Stage nor anyone else.
4) Incomplete entries will be considered disqualified.
5) There is no limitation of entry by each person.
6) Vouchers expiring 1st Sept 2009 ( Thats the reasons of the short time frame of the contest this time around)

7) Makeover by Stage would need prior appointment.

Wait no more, go visit Jessying now to win!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Emotion is laughing

Your Emoticon Is Laughing

You've got a wicked sense of humor. You're everyone's favorite IM buddy... at least today!

Have got a tagged from Mariuca, supposed to do at twinshappiness but decided have it here so I can update this blog. The above is mine.

Now feeling the cramp! :(

Monday, August 17, 2009

John Crocodile Farm in Kuching, Sarawak


I have good time spend at John Crocodile Farm in Kuching, we missed out the good show of feeding the crocodile where it will jump up to eat. That is because the tour agency that promise me the car but never come and never bother to call me and inform. I am happy to have make the decision to call for a taxi instead of waiting for the tour agency.

From what I know the taxi driver told us that the owner of John Crocodile Farm is over 80 years old. One of his sons passed away, he has another crocodile farm used as breeding crocodiles.

I am sure you do not know that they are charing local and tourist different rates. If you are Sarawakian it will be cheaper, I think you need to let them see your prove.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

H1N1 getting serious?

I am sure you are reading the newspaper or watch the news on H1N1. Are they getting serious? The kindergarten now wants every kid to wear a mask because some parents are not taking the health seriously. Children who are sicked with coughing are advice not to bring the children to school. Parents are not listening and still bring them to school.

For the safety of everyone children too will need to bring mask along. We need to take our health seriously!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Breastfeeding can take SIY?

I am sure everyone will be asking if you are breastfeeding can you take SIY. I Google and find out that yes you can but I am not sure during the confinement period. Some mommies needs to have 40 days of confinement and some mommies only have 14 days of confinement.

Losing weight in ten days with SIY is amazing, of course everyone will have different experience and weight loss will be different. Some people said that you will need to consume two boxes of SIY to see the difference. I suggest that you start with first box, because you have no idea if you like the taste of it.

From my experience the taste of prune juice is just nice for me. You will need to use the straw to suck out the juice from the bottle. Hopefully they can come up with a better way to drink it.

Friday, August 7, 2009

TAF's first giveaway

I sure love giveaway and this is TAF's first giveaway, this is Shemah's first giveaway. Of course I must take part, it is open to everyone so you too can go ahead join in the fun. What is TAF? The Accidental Fashionista(TAF)!

What is the lucky winner going to win? VICTORIA’S SECRET BE SWEET BEAUTY RUSH LIP GLOSS SET that includes 3 flavors: Cherry Bomb, Strawberry Fizz and Sugar Rush!

TAF Giveaway Badge

Giveaway just started and ends on 14 Aug, 2009.

Wanna know how to take part? Go find out now!

Psst.. don't forget my contest@AlsoMommy.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Love Friday!


Graphic courtesy of Tonya! we go!

1. A day at the beach is my favorite summertime forever.

2. My favorite John Hughes movies is Home Alone.

3. Money is something I love to touch.

4. The full moon 2 days ago.

5. Listen to MJ's songs right now.

6. When daylight fades we head to Night Market.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to see respond of my contest, tomorrow my plans include rearrange the furniture and Sunday, I want to wet market!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Yeah my contest has started I am so excited to find out how my contest will respond. You have chance to win SIY a box for yourself.

This delicious juice can make you slim down in ten days! I know some friends not able to buy them as they are saying pricey. This box SIY is worth RM198, win it for yourself or share with your friends.

Since hubby and me decided plan to have another baby, I decided to put up this SIY for contest!

Easy contest, just guess how much I spend staying at Kuching Park Hotel, Kuching, Sarawak. I checked out and paid how much?

Saturday, August 1, 2009

You stink? Win free perfume now!

I am not kidding here, if you think you have a smell, you better grab this chance to win a free perfume!

Yeah hubby always saying I smell too.. umm... I think he smells worst LOL! Mariuca's Perfume Gallery's Contest is where the fun begins!

Just guess on number of perfumes have Mariuca got in her gallery.

My guess will be
  1. 118
  2. 119
  3. 123

One Prize for lucky winner? Mariuca so is giving away this beautiful 7.5ml miniature bottle of Versace Green Jeans for men to ONE lucky winner.

Contest ends on 29 Aug, 2009. Go visit
Mariuca's Perfume Gallery to take part now!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Sneak Peak of my contest

Here's a sneak peak of my contest. It is not start yet but I like you to have a glance of it.

A box of SIY Slim It Yourself which is worth RM198.00

The juice is yummy and if you like the taste of prune, you will love this!

Friday Fill- ins #135


Graphic courtesy of Tonya! we go!

1. It's time for supper.

2. Sunway Pyramid Ice Ring; it's not a bad place for ice skating.

3. I must be on twitter @twinsofkk

4. Blogging
is the best thing I have ever known.

5. My right leg is simply cramp right now!

6. The last time I laughed really loudly was a month ago.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to sleep early, tomorrow my plans include meet up family members and Sunday, I want to go wet market!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Clearance Sale Branded Fragrances Cosmetics

As you know it is Mega Sales from now until 31 August, there is a flyer today. Where there will be clearance sale on branded fragrances and cosmetics. Not sure if it is a good deal, never been there before. How about you?

The time will be 10 am to 6pm, starting on 7 Aug until 8 Aug only. The location is at 3K Sports Complex & Inn, Subang Jaya.

  • Visa & Master Credit Cards accepted (min $150 in a single receipt)
  • Strictly no bags, helmets, food/drinks and camera allowed inside the venue.
  • Goods sold are not returnable, non exchangeable.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Permata Hati Giveaway

This is lovely giveaway by Tote Boutique, you can find many types of tote there. Giveaway gives you a chance to win Permata Hati Giveaway. Just love red color!

Simple easy giveaway as winner going to be chosen using!

Let's see who is going to win it.

You love this tote, then click above to find out!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Answer the following 30 questions

Saw this tagged at Nessa's blog, so I grab it!

Answer the following 30 questions:

  1. Where is your cellphone - nearby
  2. Your hair - long
  3. Your father - at home taking a nap
  4. Your favorite thing - blogging at twinshappiness, thereishappiness, alsomommy
  5. Your dream last night - washing my hair
  6. Your favorite drink - Teh Ice
  7. Your dream goal - Stay Happy Stay Healthy
  8. The room you are in - Living room
  9. Your fear - Darkness
  10. Where do you want to be in 6 years - My Dream Home
  11. Muffins - Yes, love the one with raisins!
  12. One of your wish list items - A new car for ME!
  13. Where you grew up - Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Perak
  14. The last thing you did - Blogging at There is Happiness
  15. What are you wearing - T shirt and pants
  16. Your TV - Sony 21 inch
  17. Your pet - Bottom of this blog, check it out!
  18. Your computer- Black color!
  19. Your life - Up and Down!
  20. Your mood - Swing
  21. Missing someone - Everyday!
  22. Your car - Not available
  23. Favorite store - MPH
  24. Your summer - Daily!
  25. Your favorite colors - Bright colors!
  26. When was the last time you laughed - Morning!
  27. When was the last time you cried - Months ago!
  28. Last person who emailed you - Friends
  29. Your favorite food - Rojak!
  30. A place you would rather be right now - Winter, Snow!
Passing this to Kim, Yoon See, Ken.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Travel by bus to Penang and Thailand

During the weekend we were back to hubby's hometown, sister-in-law Jen wanted to go for the holiday in September. Brother-in-law David and his family and relatives are going to Penang and Thailand this coming September. They invited Sean and me but without hubby as he is busy working.

At first I want to go but think again we are going to travel by bus and Sean will not sit quietly in the bus. Other than that I was told that we are taking the VIP bus and the seat is big so Sean only needs to sit on lap all the time.

Hubby and myself made the decision that we are not going so we told sister-in-law Jen that if she wants to go, no problem! But now she is not interested at all because she knows travel by bus will be long hours, she prefer to take flight!

Anyway, it is up to her whether she wants to go or not. As our decision has been made we are not going as hubby is not coming along I do not think sister-in-law Jen and myself can take care of Sean by ourselves.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Mei Mei Liquid Baby Powder

I have got one sachet of Mei Mei Liquid Baby Powder and I thought to share with you about my review. I tried this on Sean and myself. The above is the picture of Sean's leg.

As you can see that it is liquid and I do not like the smell. Frankly speaking the smell is not pleasant when you putting it on your skin.

Direction to use this is after bath gentry dry the skin, apply a thin layer onto the neck, chubby folds and nappy area. Sean is not a baby any more so he wants to apply them on his hands and legs.

There is no petrocemicals, no parabens, no sodium lauryl/laureth sulfates.

I am not sure how much is this going to cost in the market.

Out of 5 stars, I am giving 3 stars!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Giveaway coming up!

I am sure some of you have missed out my giveaway of Souveniors from Kuching, Sarawak. No worry I will have another giveaway coming up just like me plan for it and post it at blog. At the moment busy with Sean as he is not asleep yet and awaiting him to have his milo drink.

Then he will need to have his medicine, he is still having cough and phlegm.

So where am I going to held my giveaway?

Be sure to check out these blogs to find out.
Also Mommy

Win Morning Glory Necklace

I am getting to love giveaway so I am participate in win Morning Glory Necklace. Contest is held at

One lucky winner will win a "Morning Glory" Necklace!

To join, please follow these steps:

1. Become a follower of this blog
2. Post the giveaway in an entry in your blog (Entry must contain a link to this blog, as well as to and a picture of your favorite piece.)
3. Leave a comment on this post with the url of your blog entry

Everyone who enters will receive 15% off one item (this is only applicable if all three rules are followed and you must send me an email at It's my thank you for all your support!

Giveaway ends on 22 Aug, 2009.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Time to win Free Mini Potrait

I am going to tell you that you still have time to take part and win Free Mini Potrait from Kim.

One lucky winner will get below!

# the Mini Portrait is 25cm x 25cm (10" x 10") - acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas..
# free postage
# value: $250 (au)
# one person/subject of the winner's choice
# winner will be selected from a random generator at the end of this month

What you can do:
1. leave a comment here =1 entry per comment
2. post about the competition at your blog with a link back to laketrees = 10 entries
3. RETWEET this post on twitter = 1 entry per tweet
4. Subscribe to laketrees by Email = 5 entries

please let Kim know that you are taking part click on this post what you have chosen to do so I can allocate your entries by the 31st July...

Good luck to you!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Contest: Berapa Kaya Cik Kaki?

I love contest and this contest: Berapa Kaya Cik Kaki? I just need to guess how much is her saving.

Contest is held at inaachik.blogspot.

I need to take a wild guess! Hmm...

You can take part too as contest ends on 27 July, 2009.

Brother-in-law won a TV

My sister-in-law Jen just call mom-in-law and find out that brother-in-law David won a TV. They are busy with the installation of TV now. She mentioned that it is huge TV! I have no idea how big is it and how he won it.

Anyway he has some luck in lottery now and then. The other day he won lottery and bought his wife a necklace and he bought a Home Theatre.

Just got to know that hubby's new car Proton Exora is ready and it is Silver in colour. I am so happy for him and he has to make down payment next weekend. We will be away for next weekend and I need to arrange with my sister as she is coming here on Sunday. I think we are not able to get her.

We are going to have our very first MPV car.

Vote no.10

I have taken part in this contest Rumahku Syurgaku and I am now asking you to vote. Well, if you are willing to vote for me.

Not many friends and this is a contest to show off corner of my bedroom. You can see it at

Yeah I am lucky no.10 on the list.

Living Tapestry Contest

I am back and I am now participate in Ken contest, you can take part too Living Tapestry Contest. This contest is held at Living Tapestry. You may want to visit his Living Tapestry to see more.

My slogan for this contest is...

Love comfort living,
Think Living Tapestry!

I chosen above because I love comfort living and this brings me the home sweet home feeling. Living Tapestry brings me the thought of home sweet home.

18" x 18" - 2pcs & 18" x 11" - 1 pcs

Here are the rules and regulations
  1. Give a slogan for Living Tapestry my new online store and the reason why?
  2. Post your entry at your blog and link it to this post (1 entry) and Living Tapestry (1 entry)
  3. Add the animated GIF to you side bar when the contest is running (3 entries) [get the html. below]
  4. Get a friend to join, you and your friend will get (1 entry each). Please state who introduce and link to his/her post too.
  5. International entries are allowed.
  6. Each entry's slogan will have to be posted in separate post, it does not matter if is on the same day.
  7. The contest will be running simultaneously with another blog, Mystery Zone. Updates on the entries from both blogs will be posted weekly till the contest ends.
  8. Contest runs from now till end of the month, 31st July 2009 11:59pm (GST +8:00).
  9. Leave a comment here to state you have fulfilled all the necessary requirements and I will do my surprise visit to your post.
  10. We will base on the entries to select the best slogan best fits Living Tapestry.
  11. With the best slogan, the winner will get to win prizes worth RM100 sponsored by Living Tapestry.
  12. Living Tapestry have the right to replace the prize with the same value.
  13. The winner will be announced at Living Tapestry website on 3rd August 2009.
  14. Living Tapestry reserve the rights to use the winning slogan at their discreet.
So fellows better start cracking your head for some interesing slogans. Very eager to see all the entries and hope see you guys pour in with entries.