Monday, June 24, 2019

DASHING DEO + PERFUME BODY SPRAY combines both benefits of a deodorant and perfume into ONE!

Starting the day with great smell and staying fresh throughout the day is important for all men as they face the challenges and activities of the day with confidence. Therefore, using a perfume body spray to smell great and a deodorant body spray to stay fresh and combat body odour is a must for men.

Using two products to keep them smelling great and fresh can be a challenge. Why? It is definitely not easy or actually impossible to find a perfume body spray which fragrance can blend well with the fragrance from a deodorant body spray which is meant to address body odour, vice versa.

Time fly as my son is now 13 years old, Form 1 and he is teenager. He told me that his classmate also used body care products. He knows it's important of grooming and body care. 

my son Sean loves them all as he's growing teenager he know important of grooming and body care.

For some men they only use one product i.e. deodorant spray, as using an Eau De Toilette to smell great is more expensive. Isn’t it great have all in one! Simple, Fast and Easy, that’s the mantra for men.

Being a market leader in the men toiletries market, DASHING fully understands the needs of men and to provide an ultimate solution, launched the 1st ever DASHING DEO + PERFUME Body Spray! Just one product to smell great and fresh!

This newly launched DASHING DEO + PERFUME BODY SPRAY combines both benefits of a deodorant and perfume into ONE!

Formulated with DASHING Eau De Toilette’s fragrance, it provides a long-lasting masculine fragrance to ensure that one smells great throughout the day.

With its anti-odour and anti-bacterial properties this new DEO + PERFUME effectively provides 24 hour protection against body odour,

A regular deodorant spray can only last for about 2 – 3 weeks. The new DASHING DEO+PERFUME is in a different league of its own. It is 100% deodorant spray. Hence no wastage and lasts longer as one bottle can spray up to 880 sprays which is equivalent to 146 days usage!
One bottle lasts up to 5 MONTHS!

Men can now have all of the benefits of the DASHING DEO + PERFUME BODY SPRAY jam-packed conveniently in a 120ml spray pump. With its simple yet sleek design, it’s easy to carry around wherever you go.
The DASHING DEO + PERFUME BODY SPRAY comes in 4 different variants.

1. Hattrick – A winning strike for every DASHING man. Hattrick’s enigmatic fragrance ignites one’s love for winning goals. Hattrick has a fresh and woody fragrance through the unique combination of apple and citrusy freshness, infused with floral notes and a hint of amber.

2. Ultimate Kick - A scent made for champions, Ultimate Kick brings out the suave side in every facade of a modern man’s daily life. Summer-like active fragrance featuring a concoction of lemon, enhanced with the freshness of cardamom supported by vanilla and a musky base.

3. Speed - Always ready to take on challenges with the energetic and fresh, sensational fragrance. A classic fougere accord with contemporary aromatic fruity note and woody end note is heightened with musk.

4. Hitman - Hitman is for the sporty men who is always on the go. It has an aromatic tonic fragrance that has a lively and refreshing smell of sparkling citrus and iced cucumber. It has hints of spiciness combined with the signature patchouli and gaiac wood, for that magnetic and daring scent that can easily boost the confidence of any man.

The DASHING DEO + PERFUME BODY SPRAY comes in a 120ml spray pump and is priced at only RM12.20 each! It is available nationwide, including major supermarkets, hypermarkets and online site. For more info on DASHING please log on to DASHING Facebook page, and Instagram at

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Sunday, cell phone pickpocket @McDonald's Restaurant Sunway Pyramid

It's Sunday afternoon when we reached the Sunway Pyramid, I parked at CP6. While my sister and wife were away, my youngest son request for an ice cream, usually we queue at the counter outside that sell ice cream. But this time the vanilla ice cream was out, so we need to enter the restaurant to queue. My youngest son was queue infront of me, sudden a came a lady cut queue from him. Then I notice another guy stand behind of me, I didn't know that he had stolen my cell phone from my cargo pants unbutton pocket. It happened so fast as the lady that was in queue front my son decided not to buy and left with the man. I then wanted to reach out to my cell phone in my cargo pants' pocket but my cell phone no longer there.

I had a backpack with me but I didn't keep the cell phone in there but my son's cell phone was in there. I used that cell phone to contact my wife to inform her that I am at McD than I told her that my cell phone is gone. I suspected the cell phone was pickpocket while my son and I was queue to buy ice cream.

My wife then told the staff of McD to ask if we can check the CCTV but she told us it's not available at the moment and I left my contact number and name with her. She says she will called me if she saw the video. Then we headed to info counter of Sunway Pyramid that is near the entrance of Sunway Pyramid. The staff suggested that I make a police report as the couple could be wondering around the mall all day, I may not be the only victim of pickpocket here. Then my family and me headed to nearest police station that is near to the corner shop of Public Bank it is just a street a way from the mall.

There were other people there making the police report, one couple making report of scam, another wanted to make a report of the break-in of the shop. Report done on the day then we head back in info counter of mall and the staff has informed the security to go along to McD. Its going to be a long day to process, I told the staff of the mall that I just want to report this incident to them. Hopefully they will take note. The police man in the police station had also taken a photo of me while I making the report around 3pm that day. The incident of pickpocket happened 2pm.

2 June 2019 is the day I lost my cell phone.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Always checked the water bucket

My friend had a surprise this morning seeing there's moving ades in the bucket of water. OMG! How can this happened. Apparently the people using the restroom toilets didn't watch out the buckets they are using. They didn't open each buckets to check, seem the buckets are not close and it been topple. Total of 3 buckets topple each other, and some water left in the buckets.

Surely it can be the breeding ground of mosquitoes. We want to have a safe and clean environment. Glad to says that friend had removed the water from the bucket and buckets are now placed outside of the restroom/toilet. Toilet is usually wet area so often if you not check every corner of it, you might missed out the breeding ground of mosquitoes.

It's impossible to miss out if you are using it everyday. Have your check your restroom/toilet of the buckets? Act fast before its too late.

My sister in law and dad in law have caught Denggi Fever before, it happened few years back. Health is wealth. Lets check the buckets at the gardening area too.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Kempen Pemeriksaan Kesihatan Gusi 1 Juta Gumbatte 2019

 Sekarang masa cuti Sekolah bulan Mac, masa berlalu dengan cepat. Kita haruslah hargai setiap orang di sisi kita. Hari ini, saya ingin berkongsi dengan anda bahawa kepentingan menjaga kesihatan gusi.

Adakah anda tergolong dalam 94% orang dewasa di Malaysia yang mengalami masalah gusi1? Jika anda tidak pasti, layari laman web untuk membuat penilaian dalam talian secara percuma yang dapat membantu anda mendapatkan gusi dan gigi sihat sepanjang hayat.

Laman web pemeriksaan kesihatan gusi secara percuma ini adalah sebahagian daripada kempen kesedaran dan pendidikan Ke Arah Pemeriksaan Kesihatan Gusi 1 Juta Gumbatte Systema (Gumbatte Towards 1 Million Gum Health Checks) 2019, satu kerjasama dengan Persatuan Doktor Pergigian Malaysia.

Kempen ini bertujuan untuk membantu rakyat Malaysia mencapai tahap kesihatan oral yang lebih baik dengan matlamat utamanya memberi motivasi kepada lebih ramai orang supaya mengekalkan 20 batang gigi asal mereka apabila berusia 60 tahun dan ke atas2. Jadi, mereka boleh menikmati kesihatan sepanjang hayat, selari dengan matlamat Kementerian Kesihatan.

Kempen Gumbatte mengambil semangat daripada perkataan Jepun ‘Ganbatte’ yang bermaksud ‘anda boleh melakukannya’. Sekali gus menyeru rakyat Malaysia supaya menjaga kesihatan gusi mereka dan mencapai 1 juta pemeriksaan gusi.

Kempen ini dilancarkan oleh Dr. Norliza bt Mohamed, bertanggungjawab sebagai menanggung tugas Pengarah Kanan Kesihatan Pergigian, sempena Hari Kesihatan Oral Kebangsaan di pusat membeli-belah 1 Utama di Bandar Utama, hari ini.

Menurut Dr Norliza, kesihatan oral sering dilihat sebagai kurang penting berbanding kesihatan umum yang lain. Namun, sikap ini perlu diubah kerana ia merupakan isu yang serius. Beliau menyatakan bahawa tahap kesihatan oral yang rendah sering dikaitkan dengan masalah-masalah kesihatan yang lain.

“Kajian penyelidikan menunjukkan korelasi di antara penyakit gusi dengan serangan jantung, diabetes dan terbaharu, Alzheimer. Ini merupakan penyakit yang boleh mengancam nyawa. Sekiranya pengesanan dan rawatan awal penyakit gusi boleh merendahkan korelasi ini, kita wajar menerokanya.”

Beliau mengakui bahawa kempen Gumbatte Systema yang memberi penekanan terhadap kesihatan gusi secara dalam talian dilihat cukup tepat kerana majoriti rakyat Malaysia, termasuklah di kawasan pedalaman memperoleh maklumat dari dalam talian.

“Kempen Ke Arah Pemeriksaan Kesihatan Gusi 1 Juta Gumbatte boleh membantu Bahagian Penjagaan Oral Kementerian Kesihatan mendidik lebih ramai orang mengenai perlunya menjaga kesihatan gusi dan oral dengan lebih cepat, menerusi keputusan yang dapat diperoleh secara serta-merta.”

Pengurus Besar Southern Lion Sdn. Bhd., Carmen Foo menyatakan usaha meningkatkan kesedaran mengenai kesihatan oral ini dibuat kerana gigi yang kuat bermula dengan gusi yang sihat. Systema ialah jenama teras Lion Corporation, Jepun dan memiliki warisan penjagaan oral selama lebih120 tahun hasil kolaborasi dengan pakar-pakar pergigian, pihak berkuasa kesihatan, saintis dan penyelidik.

“Sistem Anti-Plak Systema menggabungkan ubat gigi Systema Advance Anti-Plaque untuk menyingkirkan plak dan membunuh bakteria berbahaya walaupun di dalam poket gusi. Manakala bulu berus gigi tirus 0.02mm Systema membantu menyingkirkan plak biarpun di kawasan yang sukar dicapai di antara gigi, sepanjang garisan gusi dan di dalam poket gusi.

“Kini kita sudah ada penyelesaiannya. Justeru, inilah masanya untuk meningkatkan kesedaran mengenai penyakit gusi kerana ia adalah asas kepada gusi dan gigi yang sihat sepanjang hayat. Sebab itulah kami memperkenalkan kempen Ke Arah Pemeriksaan Kesihatan Gusi 1 Juta Gumbatte – bagi membina kesedaran diri tentang perlunya perubahan yang positif,” kata Foo.

“Rakyat Malaysia memperoleh banyak maklumat daripada media sosial. Sebab itulah kami bekerjasama dengan pasangan artis dan media sosial terkenal, Wawa Zainal dan Aeril Zafrel untuk menyemarakkan lagi kempen ini. Kami percaya dengan strategi ini, kesedaran mengenai pentingnya pemeriksaan kesihatan gusi dapat menarik perhatian lebih ramai orang. Seterusnya menggalakkan mereka mengambil langkah demi mencapai tahap kesihatan oral yang lebih baik,” katanya.

Pelakon Aeril Zafrel nyata terkejut dengan kadar penyakit gusi yang dihidapi oleh rakyat Malaysia. “Berada dalam industri hiburan atau mana-mana industri yang perlu berdepan dengan pelanggan, anda mesti memiliki tahap kebersihan diri, termasuklah oral yang baik. Saya tidak sedar betapa seriusnya masalah gusi di kalangan kita. Justeru, saya rasa bertanggungjawab untuk berkongsi maklumat ini kerana ia mampu memberi perubahan, terutamanya kerana penyakit gusi mempunyai kaitan dengan serangan jantung, diabetes dan Alzheimer. Kita semua perlu melayari laman web untuk menilai tahap kesihatan gusi kita.”

#gumbatte #SystemaGumbatte #systema #gumhealthcheck #gusisihatgigisihat

Systema turut mengagihkan 10,000 Ubat Gigi Systema Advance Anti-Plaque dan 10,000 berus gigi dengan bulu berus tirus 0.02mm bagi menyokong program jangkauan di seluruh negara ini.

Pelakon dan usahawan Wawa Zainal juga bersemangat untuk menjadi pencetus kesedaran kesihatan oral. “Penyakit gusi adalah masalah kesihatan yang penting. Jika kita boleh menggalakkan lebih ramai orang untuk menjaga kesihatan gusi dengan menggunakan ubat gigi anti-plak dan berus gigi yang boleh membantu menambah baik kualiti hidup, ia sememangnya hala tuju yang betul buat negara kita.”

Presiden Persatuan Doktor Pergigian Malaysia, Dr Leong Kei Joe menyatakan usaha mengurangkan penyakit gusi di Malaysia perlu dimulakan dengan mengubah persepsi tentang penyakit gusi sepenuhnya. Beliau memuji kempen menangani masalah penyakit gusi ini.

“Kesedaran terhadap penyakit gusi memang serius dan ia berpotensi memberi impak kepada kualiti hidup, selain mempunyai kaitan dengan penyakit-penyakit berbahaya. Terlalu ramai di antara kita yang melihat tanda-tanda penyakit gusi seperti berdarah ketika memberus sebagai sesuatu yang normal. Rakyat Malaysia perlu mengenal pasti tanda-tanda dan simptom penyakit gusi. Jadi mereka tahu apabila ada yang tidak kena, mereka boleh mendapatkan bantuan. Pantau kesihatan oral anda dengan melayari laman web untuk menilai status kesihatan gusi anda. Jika perlu, jumpa doktor gigi anda untuk mendapatkan rawatan.”

Beliau memberitahu, ahli-ahli Persatuan Doktor Pergigian Malaysia akan menawarkan pemeriksaan kesihatan gusi secara percuma sebagai sokongan kepada Bulan Kesihatan Oral Kebangsaan. Selain mencadangkan setiap orang perlu berjumpa dengan doktor gigi sekurang-kurangnya dua kali setahun.

Siri jelajah Ke Arah Pemeriksaan Kesihatan Gusi 1 Juta Gumbatte Systema akan diadakan di pusat membeli-belah 1 Utama sehingga Ahad, 17 Mac 2019. Ia turut menawarkan pemeriksaan gigi secara percuma, permainan, hadiah dan pelbagai aktiviti lain.

Jadilah antara yang terawal daripada 1 juta orang yang memeriksa kesihatan gusi secara dalam talian di laman web untuk gigi dan gusi yang sihat sepanjang hayat.

Harga dan Kebolehdapatan

Produk-produk Systema boleh didapati di seluruh negara menerusi pasar raya hiper utama, pasaraya dan farmasi pada harga RM12.55 untuk ubat gigi Systema Advance Anti-Plaque, manakala berus gigi pula berharga RM7.80 hingga RM12.55.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Minister of Entrepreneur Development Launches Fuji Xerox Smart Work Gateway for Digital Transformation

(From left) Mr Shin Yasuda, Senior General Manager of Marketing, Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, Malaysia Operation, Mr Mark Tan, President, Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, Malaysia Operation, YB Datuk Seri Mohd Redzuan Yusof, Minister of Entrepreneur Development, YBhg Dato Haji Sahimi Bin Sani and My Johnny Loy, Senior General Manager of Sales Operation, Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, Malaysia Operation, during the launch of Smart Work Gateway for Digital Transformation.

Fuji Xerox, a leader in the Document Services and Communications space announces the launch of 14 new models of digital color multifunction printers: the ApeosPort-VII / DocuCentre-VII Color series. With the concept of “Smart Work Gateway Note1 for Digital Transformation” these new series aim to help Malaysian companies especially SMEs to accelerate growth, productivity and efficiency in the digital economy.

The Minister of Entrepreneur Development, YB Datuk Seri Mohd Redzuan Md Yusof launched the “Fuji Xerox Smart Work Gateway for Digital Transformation, here, today.

He emphasized that the government welcomes industry leaders such as Fuji Xerox to support and partner with the ministry in structured programs that can promote the adoption of the digital economy among Malaysian SMEs.

“The launch of ‘The Smart Work Gateway for Digital Transformation’ is a key step forward for Fuji Xerox to lead the evolution of digitalization technologies to Malaysian companies, especially SMEs. We look to more industry players to step forward with long-term programs that can benefit SMEs to become digitalized, and not merely computerized.” YB Datuk Seri Mohd Redzuan said.

“Smart Work Gateway for Digital Transformation is our vision in supporting our customer’s Digital Transformation journey by providing them a suite of smart solution, combining our new ApeosPort-VII series of color multifunction device platform plus our solution and services for our customer to automate their work processes, digitalize business information, connect to the cloud, while ensuring end-to-end total information security throughout their business operations. With our “Smart Work Gateway for Digital Transformation” suite of digital solution & services, we in Fuji Xerox is ready to assist & support especially the Malaysian SMEs in embracing the digitalization in their journey towards Digital Transformation,” explained Mr. Mark Tan, President of Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd, Malaysia Operations.

The ApeosPort-VII / DocuCentre-VII Color series is designed as a perfect solution for digital transformation, by making operations simple, removing technological barriers, and allowing greater flexibility to work. The entire user experience has been redefined, from its clever interactive touch screen and intelligent automated processes to its seamless integration with cloud services and security features allowing users powerful control over the creation and distribution of physical and digital documents, as well as predictive management for timely informed decision making.

The esteemed guests showcasing the quality of print of the new Fuji Xerox ApeosPort and DocuCentre series.

The ApeosPort-VII / DocuCentre-VII Color series combine with the suite of Fuji Xerox software and services are perfect solution for supporting any company especially SMEs embarking on digital transformation journey. It provide various unique solution for simplicity in use, quick and easy digitalization, seamless connection to cloud services, and enhanced security, to support the flexible and diversified working styles of businesses for improved performance.

Quick Facts
* Copy and print for colour and B&W from ranging 25 to 70 sheets/minute
* Colour and B&W scan up to 270 pages per minute
* Printing resolution, 1200x2400dpi
* Mobile supported
* Wireless LAN supported (optional)

The success of digital transformation begins when operations are simple and that is what ApeosPort-VII / DocuCentre-VII Color Series is. A well designed large touch – screen panel and a redefined user experience with added interactive notifications through light and sound. The device can also now be operated even from mobile devices apps through Near Field Communications (NFC).

* The ApeosPort-VII C / DocuCentre-VII Color series offer enhanced basic features and design for easy use.
* The 10.1-inch control panel can be tapped and swiped just like a smartphone with the improved intuitive user interface.
* The paper trays have an easy-to-operate retraction mechanism that allows them to be opened and closed quietly when replenishing paper.
* Lights and sounds from the printer alert users about job progress and confidential documents left behind to help prevent information leakages.

In digital economy, business information/data is the most important asset to any company, hence digitalization plays the most vital role in bridging the hard copy document into digital workflow. With ApeosPort-VII / DocuCentre-VII, manual indexing and handling of documents are in the past. Once a file format and destination is registered, select the workflow button and scan the document. Add a file name by adding a document type and date to a user-defined string set on a PC, great for routine work. Efficiency in managing and utilizing contracts and bills, etc. is dramatically increased.

Cloud First
With the ever evolving world of connectivity, Fuji Xerox is continuously working towards helping their customers to achieve a common vision of seamless workflow integration to overcome redundancies, reduce turnaround times and the flexibility of working anytime, anywhere. Coinciding with the launch of the ApeosPort-VII C / DocuCentre-VII Color series, Fuji Xerox has expanded its software and cloud services line-up Note 2 to help businesses work smarter.

* Print anywhere
* The Cloud On-Demand Print Note 3 service allows the user to print from Fuji Xerox multifunction printers anywhere and anytime. A maximum of 3,000 printers can be used by a maximum of 30,000 registered users – especially beneficial for larger organizations.
* Azure Active Directory authentication now enables interfacing with the Microsoft cloud services OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online.
* Document workflow that promotes the use of digital documents
* DocuWorks Tray 2 allows digital documents to be delivered through the document tray; facilitating the design of business workflows and the utilization of digital documents.
* Fuji Xerox owned cloud document management service, Working Folder Note 4 now enables unregistered users to send documents – making the exchange of documents with external business partners convenient.
* Connectivity with the user’s current cloud platform
* Cloud Service Hub connects multifunction printers with cloud storage services from various
vendors using a single interface. With the Cloud Service Hub, optical character recognition (OCR) performed when the user scans and stores a new document allows the user to search for files across several cloud storage services on the single interface.
* Device and cost management
* Device Log Service is a cloud service that aggregates data about multifunction printer usage via the web. The enhanced features enable data aggregation of up to 1,500 multifunction printers and to automatically import and utilize information on LDAP/ActiveDirectory users – especially beneficial for large organizations.

Total Security
To comply with new international standards for data privacy and device protection, the ApeosPort-VII / DocuCentre-VII Color series offer enhanced security functions for both hardware and software with expansive network communications. Each multifunction printer can be connected to two disassociated networks, enabling the user to separate communications, delivering data security within the office. With the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) microchip and various encrypted measures, ApeosPort-VII C / DocuCentre-VII Color series provides total security against cyber-attacks in attempts to attack businesses through printing devices. On top of that, security tracking measures have also been enhanced to ensure through detailed authentication and tracking to make ApeosPort-VII / DocuCentre-VII Color series a truly secured device from all angles.

Carefree Printer Management
The new ApeosPort-VII / DocuCentre-VII Color series incorporate a host of services that deliver key operating information such as pre-emptive alerts, usage data and required resources. These assist users mitigate downtime, maximize productivity and thus increase operating margin.

Note 1: Smart Work Gateway is a concept by Fuji Xerox that leads office work to a new stage by realizing flexible and diversified working styles so that each business individual can exercise high performance. Smart Work Gateway builds a secure yet open communications environment where people can foster mutual understanding by collaborating with cloud service partners and offering various communication tools tailored to suit each need.
Note 2: Check the Fuji Xerox website for information on the operating environments and models for which software and services are available.
Note 3: Cloud On-Demand Print will be available from November 26, 2018.
Note 4: This function for the Working Folder will be available from late November 2018.

Saturday, January 5, 2019


Happy New Year to my followers, readers and visitors. QSR Trading Sdn Bhd (QSRT) through its shelf brand ‘Ayamas Kitchen’, has recently launched a range of delicious halal frozen Dim Sum varieties to cater to Chinese food lovers.

The company offers 10 varieties of Dim Sum, and the varieties already available in the market include Ayamas Kitchen Prawn Hargow, Chicken & Prawn Shaomai, Shrimp Dumpling, Chicken Glutinous Rice with Lotus Leaf, and an Ayamas Kitchen Combo Pack Dim Sum. Other varieties to be later introduced include Curry Chicken Shaomai, Radish Cake with Dried Shrimp, Barbeque Chicken Bun, Chicken & Fish Beancurd Roll, and Prawn Shaomai.

“The frozen dim sum offers convenience to all who wants to enjoy the specialty, even when they are too busy to prepare it in the conventional way. It appears that apart from five-star hotels, not many restaurants serve halal dim sum. The Ayamas Kitchen’s halal version will now allow Muslims to enjoy the dish in the convenience of their own home,” said Adi Wira Abd Razak, Chief Executive Officer, QSR Brands Upstream Division.

“Our products are made from fresh ingredients, packed with quality materials, using the latest technology and equipment so that our customers can be sure that they are 100% safe for consumption. The products are certified halal by Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS), a JAKIM approved certification body.

“The Ayamas Kitchen’s Dim Sum range is easy to prepare through various cooking methods. The dim sum can be steamed, boiled, fried or microwaved, before the food is ready to be enjoyed. However, for the best eating experience, I would recommend it to be steamed the traditional way. The Dim Sum goes well with our Ayamas’ Chili Sauce and Life’s Hoisin Sauce,” he added.

As mentioned earlier, five of the ten varieties which are now available at Giant supermarkets nationwide, are the Ayamas Kitchen Prawn Hargow (160g) sold at RM13.39 per packet, Ayamas Kitchen Chicken & Prawn Shaomai (160g) at RM10.59 per packet, Ayamas Kitchen Shrimp Dumpling (144g) at RM11.29 per packet, Ayamas Kitchen Chicken Glutinous Rice with Lotus Leaf (270g) at RM11.99 per packet, and Ayamas Kitchen Combo Pack Dim Sum (160g) at RM12.79 per packet.

Ayamas Kitchen is one of QSRT’s shelf brands that have been around for two years. Besides the frozen Dim sum, it also produces other kitchen staples such as canned sardines & mackerels, cooking pastes, spices & seasoning mix, as well as ready-to-eat products. QSRT is also the distributor of the frozen chicken-based products under the name “Ayamas” namely the Golden Nuggets, Breaded Chicken Drummets and Mid Wings, Crispy Fried Chicken, Chicken Meatballs, Quikburger and Premium Chicken Frankfurters. It also markets third party brands such as Divella, Lactima, and Kewpie in the domestic market and exported to overseas.

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Comparing tuition fees for primary school

Being parent, we need give the best to our children. Is there need for tuition?

Daily classes of tuition, will tired up the kids?
Just sharing here the cost of fee of each subject that other told me though we didn't send him to this tuition.

Daily tuition, from Monday to Friday.
Math & Science

Class time 4pm to 5.45pm.

Total up RM500 if take all subject, this not yet include the material fee of per year RM180 per subject.
RM360 for taking 2 or more subjects.
Miscellaneous fee RM100.  

Transportation fee RM70 per month (optional),
Lunch RM120 per month.

Total package fee RM690 per month.