Monday, December 21, 2009

Pushing chairs and tables

Sean is having fun on his own right now, he is busy pushing the sofa away. Yeah he has the energy to push away the sofa against the door. In fact he can even lock you outside if you are out alone. He will keep laughing if you are lock outside.

He is busy with the chairs arrangement, sometimes in the living it is full of chairs. A row of six dining chairs he can grab and line them up. There is a microphone for him to play, it belongs to my mom but we seldom use it.

Houses here are having renovation I can hear the bang here and there.


  1. T.H; camera murah pun bagus ! ^_^

    *Photoshop mmg kena beli :) yg pirates tak tau laa ada jual ke tidak kat low yatt tu. hehehe....:)

  2. thank bain, low yat long time x pergi.


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