Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dad's dog is back!

So glad to know from my dad that his dog is back home. Bobby went missing for a week, I sure go the feeling that he was like another dog Kopi who went missing for a week many years ago. Kopi went for holiday by himself and got back dirty murky feet.

So is Bobby but he is very skinny not like Kopi. Kopi is my angel, he is the one that protected me from other stray dogs when I was cycling to tuition. He even waited me at aunt's house and follow me home.

Having pet is for life so most people having a pet in the doggy year. I hope they still have their doggy.


  1. salam...sory x dpt giveaway tu, anyway thanx very much n really appreciate our freidnship

  2. hi zureynee, x apa, join my giveaway at twinshappiness :)


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