Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bicycle all the way from Port Dickson

Yeah we bought Sean the bicycle and it is all the way from Port Dickson. We took Sean to the clinic at town, one clinic called Chin. Same roll the shop has a bicycle shop, hubby decided to buy him a bicycle.

The grandma at the shop told us RM85 and gave us the best price RM82. We have a good bicycle on hand but things not the way we want as everything coming lose from the bicycle. Brother-in-law David has to fix for Sean.

We also got him the new seater for the bicycle as the red one was broken. Apparently the big kid want to sit on it and cycle and break it. LOL

About the seater, Sean is not comfortable with it. He keeps complain about the pain down there! I know that feeling as I experienced the same with my old bicycle where I used to cycle to tuition classes.

The bicycle Sean named it Fire as its RED COLOUR!

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