Monday, December 14, 2009

Elai ad is up until 15 Jan 2010

Yeah now Elai ad space is up so everyone is welcome click on the banner to visit her.

I am tired as Sean wakes up early everyday even though he sleeps late. Now we are watching Boa Vs Python. Oh I like to watch this but I prefer Anaconda. :) Sean likes to watch excitement and adventure movies.

Last night my sis called me bu I was in my room so hubby chat with her. Anyway she is upset that her stuff is stolen and clothes exchange? I think she should seek help from police but I doubt she will do that. She just need to be more careful next time.

Almost forgot to say that Elai's ad space is up at other blog too. Not getting any news from twins I guess they are busy as sister in law K having exams.

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