Thursday, July 16, 2009

Brother-in-law won a TV

My sister-in-law Jen just call mom-in-law and find out that brother-in-law David won a TV. They are busy with the installation of TV now. She mentioned that it is huge TV! I have no idea how big is it and how he won it.

Anyway he has some luck in lottery now and then. The other day he won lottery and bought his wife a necklace and he bought a Home Theatre.

Just got to know that hubby's new car Proton Exora is ready and it is Silver in colour. I am so happy for him and he has to make down payment next weekend. We will be away for next weekend and I need to arrange with my sister as she is coming here on Sunday. I think we are not able to get her.

We are going to have our very first MPV car.

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