Sunday, October 4, 2009

Happy 93 Birthday to grandpa

I think my grandpa is coming back this year, I am not very sure yet as uncle emailed to my dad. Uncle said in email that dad will need another helper to care grandpa. I think dad will not hire anyone to help, first it is expensive to hire one and you do not know if the person is qualified or not. Secondly dad never hire anyone to help at home. :(

So far the Happy Birthday giveaway has got two participants.

silvergirl - 3 Entries
Azuan - 7 Entries

Ibu Emir - 2 entries
Taufidris - 5 entries
Juniza - 5 entries
syakila - 5 entries
Zaikulim - 5 entries

Edit: 16 Oct for the particiants now 7 participants :)

Remember the giveaway ends on 18 Oct, 2009.

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