Monday, December 21, 2009

Transformers watch


Kids love Transformers so do I, when I was a kid I keep my eyes on the TV more than anything.

As I told you about the Transformers Watch that my sis got for Sean, this is the one!

Later we are going out again as hubby need to head to the bank for bank in car loan. Other than that, I need to buy banana for Sean as this afternoon he cried to have one. I got the feeling that this week is gonna be busy for everyone!

If you wonder where you can get this watch, head to the Ampang Tesco! It was my first time there and I plan to go again but depend on hubby's mood. He hates driving far away, but I don't see he complains about driving back hometown.


  1. Hi T.H.! Thank you for your comments! ^_^

    Bain cuma pakai compact digital camera kecil saja, Sony Cybershot 7.2 mp. Semua gambar² dlm blog tu Bain dah edit with photoshop and other photos software to make it looked more details and nice as well. ^_^

    T.H boleh tengok kat link ni, camera yg Bain pakai:-

    In fact, if you see my profile, my blog is purposely for "Improvising the Basic of Photography". Improvise the photos by using the basic features of camera i.e. cheap compact digicam, handphone camera, etc (no DSLR one!). In my blog, I'm trying to share my skills and knowledge (I'm not a pro...")), editing the photos using photoshop or any other photos software, and, for those who are not really good in photoshop, they can learn on how to capture a moments in a different ways or angles. I love to share. :)

    Love to share is a good way to learn a new things in life. :)

  2. wah bain, so nice thought you use pro camera.

  3. Hi T.H!

    Regarding the software;

    1. HDR (High Dynamic Range) Photography software, you can download here for free!

    It's a trial version, but no expiry ! So you can have it forever! BUT, the trial version, when you use it, there will be a small caption at the bottom of your photo. So, lepas guna HDR effect pada foto, bain kene crop the foto utk hilangkan caption trial version tu....memang leceh sikit tapi berbaloi²! ^_^

    2. Photoshop Software - memang kene beli. Bain tak sure ada lagi atau tidak yg pirate version (cheaper) kat low yatt. heheh. Bain punya photoshop bain dapat pinjam dari IT Department. Original punya! ^_^

  4. about the pro camera (dslr), bain tak cukup duit and budget utk beli dslr. huhuu....tapi memang bercita² utk memilikinya suatu hari nanti! yay! ^_^'


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