Sunday, November 29, 2009

Eggs for Sean

Sean now is interested with eggs, since last week he back from Kindy he will ask for eggs to put on the egg tray. As you can see one of the eggs with plant, that's belong to him.

Teacher must have helped him to plant it and his classmate got the same plant too. Yesterday morning Sean playing with the egg and he breaks one of it. He says Oh Oo...

Where do you buy eggs? I usually shop at Carrefour or Giant or Jusco. I see that there are always spoiled eggs given, I don't know why that always happened.

Such a long holiday but now everyone is back to work. We went to bird park hubby was tired but we had fun looking at the birds. Oh yeah niece and nephew come along and niece afraid of birds, if she saw huge one she will pull your shirt! She wants hurry back to get away from them!

We saw the chicks and two ducklings! They are so cute!

So they are me, hubby, sister-in-law Jen, three children cost MYR$66 to go Bird Park KL. By the way if you got real reward, jusco card there will be little bit discount! Better than no discount right? Don't forget bring along your MYCAD!

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