Sunday, July 26, 2009

Travel by bus to Penang and Thailand

During the weekend we were back to hubby's hometown, sister-in-law Jen wanted to go for the holiday in September. Brother-in-law David and his family and relatives are going to Penang and Thailand this coming September. They invited Sean and me but without hubby as he is busy working.

At first I want to go but think again we are going to travel by bus and Sean will not sit quietly in the bus. Other than that I was told that we are taking the VIP bus and the seat is big so Sean only needs to sit on lap all the time.

Hubby and myself made the decision that we are not going so we told sister-in-law Jen that if she wants to go, no problem! But now she is not interested at all because she knows travel by bus will be long hours, she prefer to take flight!

Anyway, it is up to her whether she wants to go or not. As our decision has been made we are not going as hubby is not coming along I do not think sister-in-law Jen and myself can take care of Sean by ourselves.


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