Sunday, December 13, 2009

I am fat

Yesterday hubby and myself at grandpa's funeral, I am able to see many relatives there. But most of them I cannot recall their name. My uncle who is back from Australia says that I am fat. I am not alone as he also says that another relatives also fat after married. It seems that the wife follow hubby who loves to eat.

By the way I don't know that after the funeral services over you need to change your entire. My aunt was very sad as she was the one that care for my grandpa for many years. I seldom exercise that is why I am having pain on my leg.

The funeral ceremony on Friday's night was three hours which you need to pray and sing. I don't know how to sing as I just see from the book, they given but my sisters know the songs very well. Other than that need to bend down and pray for many times! Another cousin spotted me and asking why I am there.

What a silly question, I am there because I want to pay last respect to grandpa.

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