Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Please pray for my grandpa

My dad and 3rd aunt going to fly to Australia by Air Asia as they want to see my grandpa at hospital. Due to stroke he is now in coma, 5th uncle was saying in email "Please do not have high hope about father, he is in Coma and does not respond at all when I was there."

I wish I can go along but I can't, I have to care for Sean. I do not want to leave Sean with anyone. Even though sister-in-law Jen is here to help but it is not the same. Sometimes she has got temper as she is experiencing menopause but she keeps denying it.

About passport mine is expired, Sean does not have passport. Grandpa was carrying me so my dad can take picture of us, the memory is still fresh in my mind.

Deeply sad about my grandpa condition, I want to be positive that grandma is waiting on the other side. Grandma I have not met before, she passed away not long after having the youngest son in the family.

My dad is going there as he will meet up with another uncle and family.


  1. May god bless your grandpa and family. Hope he will recover soon enough to celebrate Christmas

  2. thanks jessying, hope there is miracle.


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