Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sean does not want to go kindergarten

I am not sure why Sean is not interested to go kindy, when there is no school, he will wakes up early and even asking hubby and me to wake up. When school started he will refused to wake up and not want to go at all.

This morning sister-in-law Jen forced him into car so when we reached there he is not interested to get down from car. Teachers tried asking him down but nobody success, sister-in-law Jen carried him inside and he refused to let go of me.

I asked teacher if any kid bully him but nobody did. Teacher just say he does not talk much always using sign language ( hands to show what he saying).

Hubby is concerned and think something must have happened that's why he refused to go there. Later I will need to find out from teacher as we left anything happen to him.

Anyone care to share your experienced?

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