Monday, November 2, 2009

MYR$500 not enough to repair washing machine?!

This afternoon the technician called to inform me that my Sanyo washing machine cannot be repair. There need to replace the board and it cost more than $500. I told them yesterday on phone that my budget is $500 take it or leave it!

I even told the lady on phone that I have purchae a new washing machine. In fact their service on repair and maintenance cost even more than my dad's place. They are making profit of at least $100 on electrical items that they are selling.

No kidding, I purchase the water heater from them and it cost $550 but at my dad's place it is only $300. Imagine the profit they are making, now they know my budget to fix the washing machine is just $500. He called me trying to pursuade me to spent more than that.

They told me before taking the washing machine if it can be fixed they will repair it if not they will return it to me. My washing machine is at their shop since last week.

If they are smart they should take $500 and repair my washing machine even though the profit is only $50. It is still money!

Well I am waiting them to call me back, I want to know the cost of checking the washing machine. Yeah nothing is free, they come to home to check need to pay them.

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