Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ben 10 coming to town!

Oh yeah I am sure everyone knows that the Ben 10 is coming to town. So are you going? We are not going because hubby says there will be a lot people.

This is such a fun sand picture we got from One Utama. Last Friday there were CIMB bank there and there are freebies to play the sand picture. Yeah this picture is not complete as the Ben 10 is not stick with sands.

I know that Sean loves Ben 10 so far he grab the four arms and ice man? Okay I forget the name of ice man toy he has got.

Currently Sean at Kindy so I get to update this blog. Last night we went to 99 supermarket he wants another toy, we say no but he still insists. Lucky us we go back with only chocolate milk for Sean.

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