Thursday, November 19, 2009

That's my good boy!

I am so glad that Sean goes to the Kindy party today, in the morning he wakes up keep crying as refuse to go. He is looking for brother in law kids, yeah all of them. So they pretend to be sleeping in the room when he walks in there.

Since last night hubby and niece have a talk with Sean to go Kindy today. Yeah he is able to understand now and willing to communicate but as per hubby he is stubborn just like me. I don't think I am stubborn, I just stay firm on what I believe.

When we reached the Kindy, the kids are there happy playing with their casual wear. The playground is fixed with two new toys! Good because I saw some of it is broken and kids still playing there. Sean also rides on the broken toy at playground. I guess that is how he got his hand injured with cuts.

For parents kids will be their priority, let me know if I am wrong. As for us, we place Sean as priority which mean education is important too!

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