Sunday, January 31, 2010

I miss Kuching, Sarawak

I really miss the town Kuching, Sarawak. Dining there is cheaper than here, you can dine at the Hartz Chicken buffet at affordable price. The sea food is the best, locals might find it expensive but from West To East it is so cheap!

I want to go again but hubby said not now not this year. I think he worry of the expenses as Sean started Kindy and it is about money all the money. I hate to say that we need to pay for this and that. Being SAHM is not easy as you think of how you can help your family financial.

Believe me the more you think the more grey hair you will get. I am having some on my head and I spotted my dad losing his hair. I ask if he wants to use any product to regrow his hair. He told me he is not interested as aging is normal it is part of life.

It is funny when you are at the East you want to be in the West. I was told that the houses in Kuching no longer freehold. Even though you are buyer of freehold but after passed away the new owner of the house will be under list hold.

Your choice of fruits


My first choice will be Durian. Sean used to like durian but not anymore, I think he fed up with the taste and smell. Hubby does not like to eat durian as mom-in-law was pregnant with him ate so much of it.

Sean likes to eat banana but depend on his mood. I am not sure the price on fruits in May as they will be adjustment on the fuel price?

By the way I am having headache since last night, I thought wake up next morning it would be gone. But not still having headache, it is on the right side of head I am having pain.

What's for lunch?

It has been sometimes since I ate McD, so last Thursday I decided to Drive Thru and purchase them to eat. Yeah I got the thinking to try since last year, yeah I tried the chicken one. I think the black pepper sauce is very spicy.

The first one you are looking at belongs to my sister-in-law Jen. Spicy chicken burger for her as she loves spicy food. I purchase a kiddy meal set for Sean which is four nuggets.

The cost of the meal above $30 inclusive of drinks and fries. The fries taste not as good as before.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Child's apron giveaway

It is fun to take part in giveaway, let's take part in Child's apron giveaway.

There is more to see at Gracie Bean Baby!

Giveaway ends on 29 Jan, 2010.

You can click on above link to find out how to win. :D

New fashion shoes for mom in law

You are looking at brand new shoes above those are for mom in law. She wants new shoes but not able to find any suitable for her at home town. Sister-in-law Jen is the one that chosen the shoes for her, a pair of black shoes and brown shoes for her.

I gave her $50 as we are sharing to buy for mom in law. I like the brown colour shoes better as it matches the fashion today! Both shoes are different brand and she got it from Jusco IOI Mall, Puchong.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fashion: Cosmetics and Makeup

Tell me do you think every woman need to make up? I know only there is makeup when my mom started to using them. Above is brand new and you can grab the cosmetics from SHOUT Magazine at local news stand. I usually visit the MPH book store, sometimes it is really fast gone. So you need to be hurry!

Above is from the past issue of Shout Magazine from UK! You can see above with the step by step guide on how to use the cosmetics.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Swimming lesson for kids

My aunt kept telling me that I need to give Sean swimming lesson. It is good for him, no doubt that I cannot swim myself even though my dad paid the fees for me to learn. I remember the coach having more than ten students at a time. It was swimming lesson at the club nearby.

Anyway hubby and sister-in-law Jen are against it, even mother-in-law because according to the Chinese calendar or believes they have. Sean is not supposed to get in any water, hmm... but he still needs to take bath and shower. LOL

I don't know why some people being so conservative I believe there is advantage and disadvantage of it. I agree with aunt that swimming is good for him and it is a lesson he can used for a life time.

Let me know if you let your kids go for swimming lessons. Until today hubby not taken Sean and me to beach! :(

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Frame, perfume, and cosmetics

I hope you still remember that I blogged of my winning here. Now above is the Prize I have got just last week, opps no time to open them yet!

Thank you kak Emila for courier this to me. There is a chance to win if you take part in the contest. You can always visit her blog to see there is any contest or giveaway up in future.

Kate & Restaurant Yit Xin

We headed to this restaurant last month, sadly Sean has no interest in the food. He cannot wait long for the food and drinks too. It is small restaurant but many customers.

We tried the Kajang Hot & Spicy soup, it is pretty good but not as good as one I tried in Kajang. Okay something new we tested is the Pork ribs with salted eggs, that's yummy!

The location of the restaurant is No.51, Jalan SS18/1B, Subang Jaya, 47500 Selangor. You can also give them a call for reservation at 012-2773478.

The food is not costly. I remember 3 adults and a kid only cost less than $70.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Whitening cream?

Above you are looking at the curry noodle that my sister-in-law Jen had while sitting on my cosy chair. Look it spilled everywhere, she only wipe the cloth with the floor mat then head to shower. I am next to mop the floor to avoid the fly and oily floor.

I am still in process of checking clothes that I can fit in for Chinese New Year. Jen hints me to for whitening cream as complaining that her feet are very dark. I told her to wear socks when going outside she refuses as she loves to wear flip flops.

There is lotion at home so she is free to use them if she wants. I don't have any whitening cream available for her. She is free to buy one if she wants to, she also told me that mom-in-law wants to buy detox supplement for hubby to drink. She knew that hubby is not interested to drink she told mom-in-law on the phone that she will be happy to take it.

Mom-in-law told her that she needs to eat the evening primrose as she left a bottle there untouched.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mountain of toys

I cannot believe Sean comes up with mountain of toys, yeah not sure where he got the idea from. He woke up in the evening asking to have his toys back where it is. Sean slept on the floor with his toys so we need clean it up. Then put him on the mattress to continue his beauty sleep.

There goes his toys on the floor, some wrecked so we need to throw them away. As you can see some remote control for car but it is no longer working as either battery runs out or something wrong with the car.

Now we know where my money goes, when you earn hard and children will be the one to spend it. The torch light blue colour in the picture I have threw away as it is no longer function. No wonder even we make a list of what we need to buy but in the end we always having something more in the trolley or basket.

Button Planet's 1st Birthday Giveaway

This is fun giveaway as everyone can button up! Let's take part in Button Planet's 1st Birthday Giveaway.

There are 3 vouchers to be take part just click on above link!

Good luck to everyone.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Disturbing calls

One of my friends told me that she got many disturbing calls. In fact some guys kept calling and sent sms to her saying that her name is CALISA. Is it a sicked joke or not? There guys will call and sms in the night too!

Anyway she turn on her cell phone because of emergency call. Somehow these disturbing calls make her a bad day and she starts to shut off her cell phone every night. Yeah they even call and sms in the day time. These people has got nothing good to do, sorry to say that the people that been calling her is all male.

Latest news she was told that the people got her number from speesh? Umm.. what is that? I have not heard of it before. So what's your advice? Should she report the matter to police with all the numbers and sms on it?

Look at my chair

Above is the chair of mine looks like after sister-in-law Jen sat on it.

Yeah I was telling you about my favourite chair, it is wrecked and need to be fixed. I hope it can fix, as it is my favourite chair.

I am sure you seen this type of chair before. It is comfortable and cooling, but you cannot sit for too long as you will get the lines at your bottom.

There is a lazy chair at the side of it but somehow Jen not interested to sit on that. I would say this chair in red is custom just for me. It is purchase by hubby long time ago, it is not custom made for me.

I doubt if Jen is going to sit on this chair again after fixed. What do you think?

Monday, January 18, 2010

Fun with racing car

Sean has got this new toy from sister-in-law Jen. She purchases this at Klang after we had meal for ikan bakar. I find that the toys are cheaper there compare to shopping mall. The shopping mall is obviously more costly because you need pay for the rent for stall.

Sean kept laughing when he saw this car going on speed. It is battery operate so I am not sure how long it can lasts, let's see if this toy can last longer than a month. This toy reminds me of the train toy with tracks on it. The train is no longer in function as Sean pulled the wire out of it.

I am sure you can see the yellow car it is so fast that even my camera cannot snap the actual pic of it.

Girls safety

I am sure every parent thinks of safety for their children. You can check out this site with many info on safety for girls. I see that having a pepper spray is common today, you can attached it to your keys as I see most of us often use keys. This site has got safety products for girl, I am having a pepper spray attached to my household keys.

Other than girls safety products you can also find clothing for woman. There are womens work pants available at this site. Basically if you are thinking what a girl needs, just start to browse this site for more info.

My sister is looking for jackets as she is going to an oversea trip next month. I think the womens jackets are plenty to choose so I need to ask her to see if there is any jacket here that interest her. Valentine's Day is just few weeks away, have you got your loved one to shop for you?

You can always give them a hint on what you like. This site is not only about safety products for girls, they also have clothing to choose from. If you are looking for what a girl needs, you can get start by click on the link above.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

My cozy chair is broken

There goes my luck, my favourite red cozy chair is broken into half. The back legs are broken but string still attached.

It was my sister-in-law Jen who sat on it just now to have her lunch. She ate curry noodle and lucky her it not spilled entirely on her but some did spilled on Sean. She took a bath so I mop the floor as it got many stained of curry soup.

I can no longer use the red chair because it is broken. So Jen kept asking me why it is broken, she not interested to take the scale weight for such a long time. I think she put on weight a little and she not notice at all. But one thing for sure she kept telling me that she and me are fat that we cannot fit in the clothing that we like.

Broken necklace fix it or keep it

Tell me what do you do with broken necklace, I just find out from sister-in-law Jen that her 18K white necklace break middle of night. She told me it happened late last night, anyway I see that she is interested to go the shop that she purchase this necklace to ask if they can fix it.

I think they cannot fix it because the shop is very small and they do not have equipment to do it. If they have it would be costly to fix. My mother-in-law told me that she tried to fix gold bracelet that broken in the clasp and she was told that it cost over $1,000 to fix it. Yeah sound crazy and this is at home town, I am not sure the cost if it is here.

I am seeing not many people going to jewellery shop these days, price of gold is going up! So better think twice before buy.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ads coming down

I am bringing down the ad spaces of contest winners, they are elai's blog and LJ. So if you are looking to give extra traffic to your blogs, think of becoming contest sponsors.

It can be blog makeover, ad spaces, hosting, domain, anything that you can offer.

Take a visit to Melandria blog's post for more info. :D

Thursday, January 14, 2010

FMOD: Yummy noodle

This is yummy, so what do you called it? Pan Mee is the right word for the Chinese folks.

This is sister-in-law Jen favourite meal of the day, I wouldn't choose this because I know I am slow in having the noodle for lunch.

She loves it and she is happy to finish them.

I would prefer fried kuey teow that is Favourite Meal Of The Day.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Who can advice on this?

Here's a friend who needs help so she is selling off her preloved clothes and she got a message today from a forum member.

The buyer with below message:

i mean the condition of the clothing..
if i send to my customer.. she will know is old?

For the first time in my life that someone is buying something used then sell it like a new item? I don't know what to say, best advice would be the buyer need to be honest?

What would you reply to the buyer?

Don't shoot

It is always play time for Sean, so look carefully and tell me what you see in the picture.

Sean used this as gun and will pretend shooting on hubby or me. I am sure you seen this gadget before. This a part from the sharpener!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

No more green

I saw this shoplots, it is such an eye sore. You can see the shoplots are all ready but nobody has use the premise. The gates and doors are missing too, yeah since nobody is there thief is the one happy to remove them.

I don't know if this shoplot belong to anyone, I am sure if you are the owner you will want to protect your property.

There is no more green at this area, it used to be a forest now it is white elephant.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Best time to go Langkawi

I want to find out when is the best time to go Langkawi. I check online and find out that Oct to Feb not suitable to go Langkawi.

I am not going there for any big event just want to have holiday during school holiday. Just a plan in mind not sure if it is going to work. As what I have planned not always be at my side!

Any of you been to Langkawi? When is the best time to go? I see there is Air Asia sales right now. So tempting to book but I cannot because no money no travel. I check and see that take flight to Penang is cheaper.

My friend can go many places for holiday because she got relatives here and there. It is nice to stay at your relative house if they do not mind. As for us, we don't have many relatives and there is one in Melaka but with terms and condition applies. By 10pm must sleep and the city is far away from the house.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Extra toe can wait

My friend's baby has an extra toe at foot, she told me that she will not have it remove. At the moment her baby girl is teething and she is once again pregnant. She is pregnant with 4th baby and there will be one more family member soon. It is her 5th month of pregnancy, earlier she told me no more baby as money not enough for the kids.

It is up to her and her hubby to raise the children, she has sent her children for babysitting and nursery as well. I think for now they can still manage as her hubby is running own business.

She told me that her secret of keeping slim body is wearing slimming corset. It is pretty expensive as she told me it cost few thousands for a set.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Playground: dangerous?

Playground is supposed to be fun and relax place for everyone. But I see there is some damage here and there, I think the people came that repair them not doing their job well.

You can see the floor here with so many fruits on it, it is filled with flies in the area. There is dustbin in the playground area but I doubt if the worker is here to clean them up. How to call this type of fruits? I cannot remember the name, it is juicy type and sometimes you don't taste any sweetness.

I have seen old folks on the playground here for a walk, don't you think someone might slip on it? Beware of fireants, if you are walking on playround.

So fast the floor is discolouring and there is some damage here and there. I mean there is breakage on the pathway.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Here comes Friday

1. There are places that want to go again like Sunway Pyramid.
2. I bet those holidays will blow those clouds away.
3. Standing in the middle of kid who is so demanding.
4. Not just for boys these transformer and Ben10 toys, oh boy.
5. He went out tiger hunting but comes back with the flower.
6.The year 2009 kept my mind from wandering .
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to stay at home, tomorrow my plans include going places and Sunday, I want to morning market!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Clowns at Sunway Pyramid

There are so many people on the night of New Year Eve. So here's a picture of the clowns having fun with the crowd. So many people merging there to snap picture with them. Now I know why people park their car out the shopping mall. You get terrible jam in the parking lot I mean coming out of the building take hours.

So many cars are going out during the late night, usually it takes half an hour to get out of the parking lot. But the night took us so long and lucky Sean not fall asleep in the car as I worry he will not wants to sleep later.

I have seen people selling the can of snow spray but the police came and took the bottle away. Those refuse to give will need to follow him away. Snow spray is not allowed to use? I have not used it before and I not buy any for Sean. Sean was asking for the can spray and one of the teenager told was on the phone saying that he is all sticky with the snow sprayed on him.

Anyway I have seen some people playing with it and spraying on each other. Someone being sprayed on the face! I think this will make the person unhappy and he will want to spray the guy back. As we stand far away do not want to see if they start to fight.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Honey I strunk the kids

I am watching this movie right now and I like this one but for Sean he has no interest at all. He loves adventure and action movie and he loves snake movies. He also like to watch Incredible Hulk, Vogue, X-Men, and Batman. What else if Sean interested in?

Last night he wants to go for a walk so we bring him to the garden but it is not enough for him. At night he wants to go out again, so we had KFC for supper! We are not supposed to have heavy mean in the night as I find it hard to fall asleep. I only had some potato widgets and a piece of fried chicken.

He only slept for a while as sister-in-law woke him up to sleep on mattress where he refused as he wants to sleep on sofa. Anyway he only nap for 10 minutes, now he is looking for snack. Now he wants to have ice cream on the cone.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Wedding and Holiday Trip

My dad just pass me a wedding invitation which is from my mom's side. It is my mom's eldest brother's youngest son wedding on 31 Jan, 2009 at Kepong. So far away from here and Sean is so cranky and active I don't think we are going. :(

Another is invitation from 6th uncle's wife to holiday at Alor Star by bus. It is on 22 Jan Friday and be back on the Sunday night. Sad to say that it is so far away and by bus we think Sean is not able to sit back such long time.

3rd aunt and husband were here, in fact 6th uncle's wife and my bro Steve and wife May. My parents were here too we head to lunch at nearby restaurant. Then back here to watch a Singapore ghost comedy movie.