Friday, January 22, 2010

Whitening cream?

Above you are looking at the curry noodle that my sister-in-law Jen had while sitting on my cosy chair. Look it spilled everywhere, she only wipe the cloth with the floor mat then head to shower. I am next to mop the floor to avoid the fly and oily floor.

I am still in process of checking clothes that I can fit in for Chinese New Year. Jen hints me to for whitening cream as complaining that her feet are very dark. I told her to wear socks when going outside she refuses as she loves to wear flip flops.

There is lotion at home so she is free to use them if she wants. I don't have any whitening cream available for her. She is free to buy one if she wants to, she also told me that mom-in-law wants to buy detox supplement for hubby to drink. She knew that hubby is not interested to drink she told mom-in-law on the phone that she will be happy to take it.

Mom-in-law told her that she needs to eat the evening primrose as she left a bottle there untouched.

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