Monday, January 25, 2010

Swimming lesson for kids

My aunt kept telling me that I need to give Sean swimming lesson. It is good for him, no doubt that I cannot swim myself even though my dad paid the fees for me to learn. I remember the coach having more than ten students at a time. It was swimming lesson at the club nearby.

Anyway hubby and sister-in-law Jen are against it, even mother-in-law because according to the Chinese calendar or believes they have. Sean is not supposed to get in any water, hmm... but he still needs to take bath and shower. LOL

I don't know why some people being so conservative I believe there is advantage and disadvantage of it. I agree with aunt that swimming is good for him and it is a lesson he can used for a life time.

Let me know if you let your kids go for swimming lessons. Until today hubby not taken Sean and me to beach! :(

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