Sunday, January 31, 2010

What's for lunch?

It has been sometimes since I ate McD, so last Thursday I decided to Drive Thru and purchase them to eat. Yeah I got the thinking to try since last year, yeah I tried the chicken one. I think the black pepper sauce is very spicy.

The first one you are looking at belongs to my sister-in-law Jen. Spicy chicken burger for her as she loves spicy food. I purchase a kiddy meal set for Sean which is four nuggets.

The cost of the meal above $30 inclusive of drinks and fries. The fries taste not as good as before.


  1. i think the properity burger is too spicy for me too, only enjoyed the first bite, haha!! i have no idea why, as i grow i cannot take food that are too spicy anymore, sometimes i even think the spicy mcdeluxe is spicy!! OMG~~

  2. hi SK, yeah I know what you mean. I think they designed them for folks that really love spicy.

  3. I don't really eat McD but I do like their fries although they are so unhealthy! Their twister fries are nice too! : )

  4. hi foongpc, I get to try the twister little bit as they add in with fries.


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