Sunday, January 10, 2010

Extra toe can wait

My friend's baby has an extra toe at foot, she told me that she will not have it remove. At the moment her baby girl is teething and she is once again pregnant. She is pregnant with 4th baby and there will be one more family member soon. It is her 5th month of pregnancy, earlier she told me no more baby as money not enough for the kids.

It is up to her and her hubby to raise the children, she has sent her children for babysitting and nursery as well. I think for now they can still manage as her hubby is running own business.

She told me that her secret of keeping slim body is wearing slimming corset. It is pretty expensive as she told me it cost few thousands for a set.


  1. Hi TH! Bain x sure either June or Sept sesuai atau x for Langkawi. Apa yg Bain pasti, TH kalau nak pi Langkawi, jgn pergi waktu ada event besar kat sana macam LTDL tu. Coz harga barang time event naik malambung mahal! ^_^

  2. thanks bain, event besar.. umm.. kena check bila.. then x pergi.


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