Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Clowns at Sunway Pyramid

There are so many people on the night of New Year Eve. So here's a picture of the clowns having fun with the crowd. So many people merging there to snap picture with them. Now I know why people park their car out the shopping mall. You get terrible jam in the parking lot I mean coming out of the building take hours.

So many cars are going out during the late night, usually it takes half an hour to get out of the parking lot. But the night took us so long and lucky Sean not fall asleep in the car as I worry he will not wants to sleep later.

I have seen people selling the can of snow spray but the police came and took the bottle away. Those refuse to give will need to follow him away. Snow spray is not allowed to use? I have not used it before and I not buy any for Sean. Sean was asking for the can spray and one of the teenager told was on the phone saying that he is all sticky with the snow sprayed on him.

Anyway I have seen some people playing with it and spraying on each other. Someone being sprayed on the face! I think this will make the person unhappy and he will want to spray the guy back. As we stand far away do not want to see if they start to fight.

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