Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Honey I strunk the kids

I am watching this movie right now and I like this one but for Sean he has no interest at all. He loves adventure and action movie and he loves snake movies. He also like to watch Incredible Hulk, Vogue, X-Men, and Batman. What else if Sean interested in?

Last night he wants to go for a walk so we bring him to the garden but it is not enough for him. At night he wants to go out again, so we had KFC for supper! We are not supposed to have heavy mean in the night as I find it hard to fall asleep. I only had some potato widgets and a piece of fried chicken.

He only slept for a while as sister-in-law woke him up to sleep on mattress where he refused as he wants to sleep on sofa. Anyway he only nap for 10 minutes, now he is looking for snack. Now he wants to have ice cream on the cone.

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