Friday, January 29, 2010

New fashion shoes for mom in law

You are looking at brand new shoes above those are for mom in law. She wants new shoes but not able to find any suitable for her at home town. Sister-in-law Jen is the one that chosen the shoes for her, a pair of black shoes and brown shoes for her.

I gave her $50 as we are sharing to buy for mom in law. I like the brown colour shoes better as it matches the fashion today! Both shoes are different brand and she got it from Jusco IOI Mall, Puchong.


  1. i think the brown one looks nicer too.. anyway, as long as they are comfortable, i'm sure your MIL would be very happy, for the shoes are from her two daughters.. :)

  2. yeah SK the insides of the shoes must be comfortable for else she won't wear it.


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