Monday, January 11, 2010

Best time to go Langkawi

I want to find out when is the best time to go Langkawi. I check online and find out that Oct to Feb not suitable to go Langkawi.

I am not going there for any big event just want to have holiday during school holiday. Just a plan in mind not sure if it is going to work. As what I have planned not always be at my side!

Any of you been to Langkawi? When is the best time to go? I see there is Air Asia sales right now. So tempting to book but I cannot because no money no travel. I check and see that take flight to Penang is cheaper.

My friend can go many places for holiday because she got relatives here and there. It is nice to stay at your relative house if they do not mind. As for us, we don't have many relatives and there is one in Melaka but with terms and condition applies. By 10pm must sleep and the city is far away from the house.

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