Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mountain of toys

I cannot believe Sean comes up with mountain of toys, yeah not sure where he got the idea from. He woke up in the evening asking to have his toys back where it is. Sean slept on the floor with his toys so we need clean it up. Then put him on the mattress to continue his beauty sleep.

There goes his toys on the floor, some wrecked so we need to throw them away. As you can see some remote control for car but it is no longer working as either battery runs out or something wrong with the car.

Now we know where my money goes, when you earn hard and children will be the one to spend it. The torch light blue colour in the picture I have threw away as it is no longer function. No wonder even we make a list of what we need to buy but in the end we always having something more in the trolley or basket.

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