Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Disturbing calls

One of my friends told me that she got many disturbing calls. In fact some guys kept calling and sent sms to her saying that her name is CALISA. Is it a sicked joke or not? There guys will call and sms in the night too!

Anyway she turn on her cell phone because of emergency call. Somehow these disturbing calls make her a bad day and she starts to shut off her cell phone every night. Yeah they even call and sms in the day time. These people has got nothing good to do, sorry to say that the people that been calling her is all male.

Latest news she was told that the people got her number from speesh? Umm.. what is that? I have not heard of it before. So what's your advice? Should she report the matter to police with all the numbers and sms on it?

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