Sunday, February 28, 2010

Chap Goh Mei dinner with family

Yesterday is everyone happy day including Sean. My parents and Steven with wife May were here. We head to the restaurant at Sungai Way, it is a Chinese Restaurant. If you have seen Ah Xian on the 10pm on 301 Astro last night. We were there in the afternoon for lunch.

Look at the picture you can see how hungry we are. We finish everything and there is nothing left on the table except for empty plain looking plates. May wanted to go there as the dishes are from her home town China.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Dining at Daiki Kafe

It is my first time to dine at Daiki Kafe, this is delicious meal which I like to eat. This set cost MYR$20 and I ordered the green tea and the taste of the tea not nice. If not mistaken the tea cost MYR$3.

Hubby and sister-in-law Jen ordered the Nasi Lemak fried chicken. Have you been to this Daiki Kafe?

My parents are here now with Steven and May watching movie. I need to log off soon as I need to help my mom to wash her hair.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Bracelet giveaway

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Are you afraid of snakes?

In the family I can say that my side of family members not really fear of snakes but hubby's side of family they are. Even Sean and Jen and fear of snake, even small baby snake they would run so far away. The other day we visit to zoo and at the entrance we get to hold baby snakes for free.

How many of you are afraid of snakes? My mom held a wood to flat the snake's head once as it was in the garden. The snake not died but its head got flat and my dad told me that the head will grow back. I don't know if it did as I not keep track of the snake goes.

I start to hold on a snake when I was 12 years old. The owner of the zoo gave my dad a chance to snap picture of me with the snake. It was a huge snake, python.

Feb 2010 giveaway

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Transformers car

Sean loves this car but now it is not the same anymore, it is all in small or broken pieces. The quality of this toy is different from the first transformers that he got. The plastic of this car is softer and it is easy to break.

Hubby is the one that assemble and put the pieces together. Sean also likes to watch Transformers, other than that there is Tom and Jerry, Ben 10, and Mr. Bean.

Sean is now having his nap, the teacher at Kindy told me that he refuses to response to his name when she called out his name to mark the attendance. Even at home Sean acts the same, it is depends on his mood.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

JMDesigns1 giveaway

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Restoran San Yu Soon @Port Dickson

Above my favourite dish that comes in many choices for you to eat.

Shark fin soup above
Brother-in-law treats parents and his parents-in-law and family members not forget of us at this restaurant. It is my second time to dine there, the fish you are looking at has so much of mashed ginger and small chilli on it. If you love spicy you will like this dish. Jen asked how much he paid for the dinner it cost MYR$468. I think that's the above menu to check out.

I am not sure if the above shark fin soup is real shark fin or fake shark fin. Shark fin soup is famous if you attend Chinese Wedding Dinner. I used to see there is roast piglet but not anymore because it is costly today.

Sean only like the fried rice that comes in last. The kids drink soft drink as for adults having ice tea.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Mixing milk is a bad idea!

Just now Sean ask for milk, I don't know that Jen given her the milk powder as I was in bathroom. I put the fresh full cream milk into the bottle and Sean tastes it. He told me it is not nice and I not trust him so I take a sip, oh yark the taste! It turn out the milk is very bitter!

I not wash his bottle as I pour in the full cream milk of dutch lady. Now we know that it is bad idea to mix the milk. The kindy given a packet of Mamil Gold milk which is free but bear in mind that the milk is going to expire this April.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

First day CNY , army fall down!

Sean still having the bruise on this nose and he told me it is pain. But he is still insisting to play at the same area that he fell down. It was the first day of Chinese New Year, Sean wore the army uniform with his matching shoes. Nobody know that that is the day he will fall down.

He is also having dark eye bags as he refused to nap in the afternoon. We are still at David's place and Sean have fun with the kids. When the kids are busy he will keep himself occupied with the coloring. Crayon is one of the accessories that he loves to play with.

With David's kids to play with him I can take rest in my room. As for hubby he will be in the living room to watch movies with them.

Yesterday we visited the relatives in Seremban, I was told that the children are not selected for the NS but her mom wants to give her kid a try. So she asks how if she wants to send children there she was told that she needs to pay MYR$500. According to her she says many are happy with the NS result. The children are more independent and better trained. Anyway after knowing how much she needs to pay, she says she is not interested any more to send her children there.

Monday, February 15, 2010


I was upstairs with Sean as he sleeps in the night for a while then he is awake by the fireworks on the early first day of Chinese New Year. I am sure Chinese folks are familiar with the Fan Tai Sui or Jie Choi San. I am not familiar with that as my parents seldom do that.

Jen fan tai sui this year but she still insists to jie choi san. Sean awakes middle of night he not feeling well he vomited on my pillow and the bed. In the living and dining room very smokey in the night because of the joysticks used during prayers.

I like to know if you get good sleep on the First day of Chinese New Year.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The day before Chinese New Year

We reached David's home at Friday night, the day before Chinese New Year is Saturday. We have reunion lunch at home, you are looking at beautiful decoration of another home. I am sure this home getting alot attention!

We then have the reunion dinner at a restaurant buffet style. It is at hubby's grandma's place, Sean is very happy to see the kids. Just for your information I not wear any new shoes for Chinese New Year. The pair of shoes that I purchase from Kuching last year will be the one I am wearing.

You are looking at delicious dish that we had before we head back to home town. We stopped by at Seremban to have dinner on Friday night. We also packed the porridge and chicken for David and his family.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Buy new shoes for Chinese New Year

Since it is just a few days left, Jen told me about wearing new shoes for Chinese New Year. I don't have new shoes and I intend to wear the sandals for Chinese New Year. How many people are going to look at your feet? I think most will just observe the clothes than the feet.

I have got boots and I not wear them as I find it not suitable to wear during this time. I am not going to buy new shoes are I seldom wear heels. I am just going to be myself and wear the red sandals!

Jen is going to show off her heels that wear for the wedding last year. I have two luggage to bring back home town as one belong to hubby another is mine. Sean has got own luggage as well, Jen has got two luggage. Just some new clothes I want to wear, oh yeah I nearly forgot there is one red dress I need to put in the luggage. It is not new but it is still new for me, I wore it just few times for Deepavali when visit my classmate.

Kids happy with Chinese New Year party

This is new for me as I never taste it before, but I think Sean loves it. I bought a few for Sean's Kindy Chinese New Year party.

The other you are looking at Mamee which I tried before. I am happy to buy them for the party as well and they come with free pencil, eraser, and zip bag. I kept them for Sean and he is very pleased to have them.

The Tiger biscuits also comes with Ang Pao, I don't know that Tiger biscuits also have chocolate flavour. I think kids have so much choice of food. I saw a parent bring two soft drinks 1.5ML to Kindy.

I am sure you know that kids party are so different with Sky Bar! I don't think I will get the chance to go Sky Bar, hubby told me that it is very expensive this place is for the rich to party! The entrance fee is over MYR$100 per person.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Live by the beach but not go beach?

My parents-in-law they live by the beach which is nearby their home. It just 20 minute drives away from the beach, the grand children never been to the beach same as Sean. As mom-in-law ask the fortune teller about their life and she found out that they all are not suitable to go swimming pool or beach.

I want to go beach but hubby not like to go there as during weekends it can takes up to 40 minutes to reach the beach due to traffic jam. When they are kids, they did play at the beach and even having fun catching fishes or small crabs.

When my aunt from Australia came over and told me must let Sean to go swimming lessons. Jen does not agree to let Sean go swimming at all. Of course now he's just a kid we can control him. Once he's an adult and he will be going many places. You can no longer tell him that stop you can't do this and that.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

2010 luck magazine

Do you believe in Fortune Teller? Well here's one magazine that Jen purchase at local shop. I can't understand all the words written on this magazine. My mandarin is very bad even though I went for tuition class during Form 3. Have you got this magazine in hand?

This year the DVD we manage to watch it, last year it is not as you need to insert to your computer then go to their site or something. Jen loves to watch this cover person on the magazine. She is from Taiwan and was in the Astro show during Chinese New Year last year. This year she is not on the Astro but NTV7 so everyone get to watch it from 14 Feb Sunday to Thursday at 7.30pm. So remember to turn on the Channel to watch.

This year is Tiger year, my mom and bro K are born in the year of Tiger. Bro K and twins are not coming back this year.

Kitten will get new home!

The kitten so cute and it was there since morning, so Jen has taken to the neighbour that breeds cats. The breeder taken the kitten and will be given to her relative. Not that I don't want kitten at my place is just that Jen does not like kitty. They have been cats' poo here and there at my place the smell is very strong and unpleasant.

I used to have cats but they run away from home. They never come back, there was a time a cat came over to stay for months. It befriend with my dog even though they fight one another but they sleep together.

It was a dirty cat that belong to nobody I remember took it in the bathroom and give it a shower. It was so long ago I cannot remember if I got scratched from the cat.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Do you compare price before you buy?

I don't know about you but I do compare price before I buy. It will be in everything to compare inclusive the sanitary pad of many brands to choose from. As for can food I also check on the price I find that not all brand that I want to buy available at Giant so I will buy at Carrefour.

I also purchase vegetarian can food for mix fried in vegetable. The other day I almost purchase a pink top. After consideration that I still having many clothes in closet better to use them before buying any new one. I have got some clothes that I plan to wear on Chinese New Year.

Yesterday morning we help brother-in-law David to purchase some liquors back for home town as it is expensive there. I think this Friday or Saturday we will head back home town as reunion lunch start at 12 noon.

While blogging here, Jen is having her nap at the sofa bed. As for Sean he is watching Monster at Disney Channel.

Banana from Giant

I like to eat start fruit, add some salt on it and it is delicious!

This banana is purchased by hubby at Giant. Have you purchase this brand of banana? We usually head to the fruits shop but since we are at Giant there is no need to go fruits shop.

Banana is good for you as it helps you to go toilet. Almost forgot I need to eat the star fruit that I purchase. Jen not going to eat any because the fortune teller told her that she cannot eat that fruit. Umm... I don't believe all that I just eat what I like to eat.

I don't cut the star fruit like star, I cut it side way so the last part I bite will be the hardest one.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

MamaTisya LovelyScents Giveaway

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The Great Fall!

Sean is so clumsy today that he had an accident at home, so you can see the red marks on his butt. It is very pain and he cried for it! That's why you need to watch where you are going. My sister-in-law Jen once cracked her back, I mean she bends down and sprained her back. It took her two weeks to heal.

Poor Sean he has a bad day but he is happy in the morning and night. Morning he goes a local shop to purchase dinosaur toys. Then at night he craving the chocolate ice cream cone, he ate the cone for the first time. Usually he just finished the ice cream. Then he ate ham with crackers for supper!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sakae Sushi

Have you been to Sakae Sushi? We were there so far only three times. I know the choice of food is not as many as shogun restaurant. I do miss eat sushi so hubby told me he still prefers to eat shogun restaurant. As shogun restaurant having more choice then any other places.

The meal cost for four adults and a kid usually cost up to $170 MYR. Always check on the price of buffet Shogun restaurant as I know it is not cheap as well.

Animal growth chart

This is another growth chart I have got. Sean has got one but now he is using another one. How many walls have you got at home? I have one wall stick on this growth chart. This cute chart you can write the name of your kid on it. I also think it is better used double sided tape on it.

Kids are growing up fast, I have not update Sean's height but from the hospital I find out that he is now 21 kg.

Last night we took him to see doctor at hospital as nearest clinic are closed. He is having bad cough and terrible stomachache. Hubby likes to know if eat mashed potato will caused wind. Anyone knows about this?

He just had his supper and now want poo. He had mashed potato and sausage. He is purging.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Zoo Negara

Above is paint dried up and shoes looks golden in color.

Above painted with gate paint, so waiting for it to dry.

I am thinking of going to Zoo Negara, we went there last year in June. Anyway I think sister-in-law Jen no interest to go Zoo she does not like Zoo she prefers to go shopping mall. Shopping mall is nice to place go but kids will be interest to shop more than adults.

How about going to Cameron Highlands and Genting Highlands? Both places are not favourite place of hubby. He prefers place that he spent less money, then better just stay at home!

It is going to be Chinese New Year next Sunday so have you started shopping? My dad told me that it is going to be busy shoppers at mall next week. We still need to go shopping, I don't think I want to shop for any drinks as Sean is the one enjoy them.

Just want to show you the shoes that Jen painted on it. It is before drying under the sun! Then another picture is the shoes dried up! Jen showed it to me kept saying that it is so pretty!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Use paint to paint your shoes

I just caught sister-in-law using the paint to paint her shoes. I don't know if it will work. Her shoes are lack of colour so she decided to paint it. It is creative but I think after sometimes the shoes will crack?

Just in case you want to know what type of paint she used to paint her shoes. It is the type of paint that you use to paint your gate.

Anyway let's see about that, she does not want to waste the paint so she is painting a little here and there. She has got almost serious pigment on her face, my dad told me there is no cure for it. She loves the sun so much as she stand under the sun almost every day.

I don't like tan skin as I do not like stay under the sun. I just signed up this blog for Entrecard. I think it will take times to approve.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Freebies and Cheapiest Store giveaway

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