Monday, February 15, 2010


I was upstairs with Sean as he sleeps in the night for a while then he is awake by the fireworks on the early first day of Chinese New Year. I am sure Chinese folks are familiar with the Fan Tai Sui or Jie Choi San. I am not familiar with that as my parents seldom do that.

Jen fan tai sui this year but she still insists to jie choi san. Sean awakes middle of night he not feeling well he vomited on my pillow and the bed. In the living and dining room very smokey in the night because of the joysticks used during prayers.

I like to know if you get good sleep on the First day of Chinese New Year.


  1. i had no problem at all sleeping, albeit hearing the firecrackers.. maybe i was just too tired~~ :)

  2. hi SK, maybe the fireworks at your place not a lot.


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