Thursday, February 11, 2010

Buy new shoes for Chinese New Year

Since it is just a few days left, Jen told me about wearing new shoes for Chinese New Year. I don't have new shoes and I intend to wear the sandals for Chinese New Year. How many people are going to look at your feet? I think most will just observe the clothes than the feet.

I have got boots and I not wear them as I find it not suitable to wear during this time. I am not going to buy new shoes are I seldom wear heels. I am just going to be myself and wear the red sandals!

Jen is going to show off her heels that wear for the wedding last year. I have two luggage to bring back home town as one belong to hubby another is mine. Sean has got own luggage as well, Jen has got two luggage. Just some new clothes I want to wear, oh yeah I nearly forgot there is one red dress I need to put in the luggage. It is not new but it is still new for me, I wore it just few times for Deepavali when visit my classmate.

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