Tuesday, February 9, 2010

2010 luck magazine

Do you believe in Fortune Teller? Well here's one magazine that Jen purchase at local shop. I can't understand all the words written on this magazine. My mandarin is very bad even though I went for tuition class during Form 3. Have you got this magazine in hand?

This year the DVD we manage to watch it, last year it is not as you need to insert to your computer then go to their site or something. Jen loves to watch this cover person on the magazine. She is from Taiwan and was in the Astro show during Chinese New Year last year. This year she is not on the Astro but NTV7 so everyone get to watch it from 14 Feb Sunday to Thursday at 7.30pm. So remember to turn on the Channel to watch.

This year is Tiger year, my mom and bro K are born in the year of Tiger. Bro K and twins are not coming back this year.

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