Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Use paint to paint your shoes

I just caught sister-in-law using the paint to paint her shoes. I don't know if it will work. Her shoes are lack of colour so she decided to paint it. It is creative but I think after sometimes the shoes will crack?

Just in case you want to know what type of paint she used to paint her shoes. It is the type of paint that you use to paint your gate.

Anyway let's see about that, she does not want to waste the paint so she is painting a little here and there. She has got almost serious pigment on her face, my dad told me there is no cure for it. She loves the sun so much as she stand under the sun almost every day.

I don't like tan skin as I do not like stay under the sun. I just signed up this blog for Entrecard. I think it will take times to approve.


  1. hmmm, kind of weird to use those paint to paint your shoes.. well, i think it will look nice but won't last long, sure one day the paint will crack and flake off from the shoe..

  2. yeah SK I want to know if it can last after CNY. will update again :)


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