Sunday, February 21, 2010

Restoran San Yu Soon @Port Dickson

Above my favourite dish that comes in many choices for you to eat.

Shark fin soup above
Brother-in-law treats parents and his parents-in-law and family members not forget of us at this restaurant. It is my second time to dine there, the fish you are looking at has so much of mashed ginger and small chilli on it. If you love spicy you will like this dish. Jen asked how much he paid for the dinner it cost MYR$468. I think that's the above menu to check out.

I am not sure if the above shark fin soup is real shark fin or fake shark fin. Shark fin soup is famous if you attend Chinese Wedding Dinner. I used to see there is roast piglet but not anymore because it is costly today.

Sean only like the fried rice that comes in last. The kids drink soft drink as for adults having ice tea.

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