Thursday, February 18, 2010

First day CNY , army fall down!

Sean still having the bruise on this nose and he told me it is pain. But he is still insisting to play at the same area that he fell down. It was the first day of Chinese New Year, Sean wore the army uniform with his matching shoes. Nobody know that that is the day he will fall down.

He is also having dark eye bags as he refused to nap in the afternoon. We are still at David's place and Sean have fun with the kids. When the kids are busy he will keep himself occupied with the coloring. Crayon is one of the accessories that he loves to play with.

With David's kids to play with him I can take rest in my room. As for hubby he will be in the living room to watch movies with them.

Yesterday we visited the relatives in Seremban, I was told that the children are not selected for the NS but her mom wants to give her kid a try. So she asks how if she wants to send children there she was told that she needs to pay MYR$500. According to her she says many are happy with the NS result. The children are more independent and better trained. Anyway after knowing how much she needs to pay, she says she is not interested any more to send her children there.

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