Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Live by the beach but not go beach?

My parents-in-law they live by the beach which is nearby their home. It just 20 minute drives away from the beach, the grand children never been to the beach same as Sean. As mom-in-law ask the fortune teller about their life and she found out that they all are not suitable to go swimming pool or beach.

I want to go beach but hubby not like to go there as during weekends it can takes up to 40 minutes to reach the beach due to traffic jam. When they are kids, they did play at the beach and even having fun catching fishes or small crabs.

When my aunt from Australia came over and told me must let Sean to go swimming lessons. Jen does not agree to let Sean go swimming at all. Of course now he's just a kid we can control him. Once he's an adult and he will be going many places. You can no longer tell him that stop you can't do this and that.


  1. well, i think not allowed to go to swimming pool or beach for the entire of one's life is not a good thing.. afterall, i would think that swimming skill is quite important, who knows one day you just dropped into the water and you have no swimming skills at all to save your life?? i always encourage kids to learn swimming actually - but it's a predicament for you as the elderly disallows that..

  2. But it's good to learn swimming! Might save one's life one day. Talking about that, maybe I should go for some swimming lessons myself! Can hardly float on water. LOL!

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  4. hi SK and foongpc it is true swimming is good for in case of emergency.

    hi mary check your email.


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