Monday, December 31, 2012

Failure of lucky draw in SS17 Bomba

Last night I took time off with my son to go SS17 Bomba which is located in Subang Jaya. We had the lucky draw numbers in hand as we get them in the envelope. Sadly to say the way the lucky draws chosen are wrong! They didn't use the numbers given to us for the lucky draw, instead they use ping pong balls with numbers from 0 to 9. They need to draw the balls many times and many times numbers shown up the same! We are disappointed because many Prizes aren't given away in the end, we waited until one something in the morning. Yeah you could say it is a long night, everyone waiting to see if they have the luck!

One family of three seated next to me decided to make a move as they know the numbers they have in hand will never be called! YEs I can tell you not all numbers are called in the night. The ping pong baalls numbers drawn some numbers are 800 over and that's impossible because I don't think we have 800 over peoples at the scene.

Anyway we have fun we get to see fireworks so closed in the first time! It is going to be good memory for us, and Sean very sad he didn't win any Prize from lucky draw. He crieds while going back home, he's not alone his friend's family too didn't win anything from the lucky draw.

They have over two hunderds of Prizes to be won for lucky draw on 31 Dec 2012, hopefully end of this year they can do it better.

Pore minimizer

My friends and I don't have time to go for skincare treatment. Being mommy they are many works to do at home. My friends and I shared same interest in pore minimizer. Talking of pore minimizer I am sure you like to know the natural ingredients which are suitable for our skin.

I found the website useful with info we needs, how to minimize pores is one of the useful info I find. I like to let my friends know they can claim a bottle of Revitol Pore Minimizer for free. It would be great if the claim is available for me.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

What is wartrol?

My family members have warts problem, it is embarrassing when people pointing at the warts. I have warts on my toes and I often wear open toes shoes because I find them comfortable. I find a useful website to share with you on wartrol. It is a product helps to remove warts.

My friends have interest to find out how to remove warts; I let them know they can visit this website because they are in the office. I am sure we like to find the option of remove warts. Why not take a look at this website for a start.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Where are you going to countdown New Year?

I am sure you have plan for this year, it is going to be New Year soon. Where are you going to countdown New Year? I haven't make up my mind yet, but best place for me would be at home! :D

I am sure there will be plenty of fireworks, I didn't go out tonight but I bring Sean to playground in the evening walk. He is happy to see his friends there but they broken one of his toy guns!

About countdown of New Year probably some people plan to go iCity? I have not visit iCity.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Life of Pi movie passes giveaway

Have you seen a movie with your loved one lately? If not why not take this opportunity to win yourself a pair of movie passes to watch Life of Pi? Yes just click on the link for detail of this giveaway.

You don't need to worry of languager barrier because they have English substitutes in the movie. I watched it with Sean and he loves it.

So now if you like to know more of the movie, hop on the link above!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas giveaway come have a look :D

Yeah I am sure you like to know what's for grab in Christmas Giveaway, be sure to click on the link to find out. If you like cute top with name on it like Kiss Me, oh yeah this sound so good right? If you wear it and your darling see it. :D hehe...

My friends are planning to go vacation next month, she and her hubby and daughter will be going to China for two weeks. I am happy for them, they can go as family and have fun. Well I am sure it is not going to be easy to bring kid along, I find it challenging! They have plan to go Japan for their next vacation.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Treat children with movie

What is the best way to treat children? I am thinking that it's best to treat them for movie. I am going to bring Sean for movie, sometimes he would say why I haven't bring him for any movie. I find that not all movies suitable for him to watch even though they are rated PG13.

Next week I am going to Midvalley and he's coming along with me. I may treat him to see movie, I don't know I will see how it goes. I will go in the morning so that we can find parking easily. I won't hang out there for long. I am thinking to go Cheras but I am not familar with the route. So long I haven't visit the AEON Mahkota Mall. I told hubby of going there today but he told me that he's not well and prefer to stay home to rest. While typing here, he's busy playing games. It is Angry Birds game, yeah never too old for him. :P

Yesterday I saw my classmate in Sunway Pyramid and we chat for a while. She was going to pay her home's electrical bil, there's Post Office near McD.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Long Q@Uniqlo Sunway Pyramid

We didnt go for the queue at Uniqlo Sunway Pyramid, so many people it is crazy getting in the long queue. I bet they waited for hours to go in and shop. I don't know what is the main attraction there as I am more into bags. I doubt they have any plus size clothing for ladies, well I may be wrong as I seldom shop there.

Being plus size I know I cannot simply purchase clothes, I need to try out the clothes first. I check out some plus size shop online but sad to say the price not really into my budget. Therefore I don't want see or visit them anymore. How about you?

Being free size would be easiest way to shop, my husband will tell me that I am fat and cannot fit in the dress that I purchased. Hmm... unpleasant to hear that, oh well nevermind don't wear that dress when go out with him. LOL

I saw a bag that is very cute at Sunway Pyramid but sadly the leopard print sling bag cum shoulder cam cost RM80. Oh too much for me, I cannot pay that much for a bag!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Bathroom for old parents

My dad has been thinking to fix a bathroom just like above picture. He made one that look almost like above. Sadly my grandfather didn't make it to use it, he passed away few years back when my dad and siblings are welcoming him back with an open arms. We were excited that he's going to come back after many years of living abroad.

It is sad but life goes on, he will always be in my heart. I prefer the bathroom with the seating instead of squatting. I have hard time to balance during squad no kidding, I can feel that I am going front and back! I can't get the balance well, emm... I am not alone because Sean too.

Hubby would need to hold his hands if he needs to use bathroom that squad. I was told that if I want to change my bathroom from squad to seating would need to spend thousands for it. What type of bathroom would you prefer?

 I don't want to think of this at the moment because the fridge mad me gone mad.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Looking for spray foam insulation

I am sure everyone knows that every home and building needs maintenance. Recently a friend let me know that she is looking for spray foam insulation. I told her it is available on Internet, I let her know of spray foam insulation ottawa. They offer Green Tech insulation, they offer wide range of services namely closed cell spray foam, open cell spray foam, injection foam insulation, knauf EcoBatt insulation, blown fiberglass insulations, batt insulation, and attic insulation.

I know it is important to check on their services but also find out if they have offer warranty. Do you know that spray foam insulation is one of the ways to save energy? I am sure everyone wants to know of their product quality and material. If you have interest to find out of their spring special, how you can save up to $1,500 on energy costs in the first year! I saw the offer valid till 31 July and it didn't state which year it expires.

If you know anyone with interest to know more of the spray foam insulation, they can visit the website to fill up the online foam or give them a call at 613-296-6662. It would be good idea to ask them for the free estimate cost.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Missing puppy Shih Tzu

Yeah my friends told me about the missing puppy, and they want to help to look for the puppy. Here's the info of the missing puppy. The puppy gone missing on 11 Oct 2012, around 2 in the afternoon at Jalan SS17/2J, Subang Jaya.

If anyone you in this neighbourhood seen the puppy. You can contact the owners Tina 016-7054490/ 014-9135489. The price for one puppy Shih Tzu RM950. If you return the puupy you get reward of RM2000.

I was a dog owner myself but not this breed of dog. I would be sad too if my puppy gone missing. There a was a time my dad's dog get abducted outside his home, yeah sadly we unable track who took the dog. It was small breed dog and easy to carry around. Sad I still feel there's a connection between me and the dog, I mean I miss the dog so much.

Having a dog at home is huge responsibility, you need to protect and care for your dog.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Bad people fart durian twice in concert day!

Last Saturday a good day for me and my friend because our children going to go for concert. We sat together to watch the concert, and someone fart durian smell! OMG!! It is so smelly you cannot believe the person actually fart twice during the concert, no kidding we guess the big tall man sitting infront of me! He cannot sits probably at all keep moving front and backwards. The smell of durian so bad, you know why hotel and aeroplane does not allow you to carry durian inside to eat!

I don't know why hubby don't smell any, he doesn't eat durian. Even my friend's hubby didn't smell it! Alrights my friend and me really annoyed by whoever the person that fart!

The night we reached home nearly 11pm and we tapao food back home to eat. 

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Winner of Top Commentator September

Yeah I have mention that I have giveaway at my blog, it seems not attract the commentator. Oh well there's one follower who comment and blogged the giveaway! I appreciate it and she's one and only blogger with the blog of

I blogged that I have change the Prize of giveaway because the gift voucher expiration date. So I have change the vouchers to above vouchers you see in the picture!

RM20 cash voucher of House can be use at eCurve

Lactacyd the white intimate and revitalize sample.

Winner don't forget to email me your Full name, address and contact number to twinshappiness at yahoo dot com.

I am going to use the Pos Express to mail the Prize, I am not responsible for the lost or damage of the Parcel.
I was having trouble to upload picture in my blog, my notebook hang several times and website also hang.

TH Giveaway for Top Commentator

Are you excited of TH Giveaway? It is going to be fun and easy to giveaway, no need to blog the giveaway. But this giveaway open to my GFC follower only, and must have valid address in Malaysia. I will only mail the Prize for address in Malaysia only.

The PRIZE of this giveaway contains of Minoshe breastlump detection glove, Mary Chia gift vouchers, Minoshe RM20 off voucher, and grey panty of Minoshe "L" size panty is brand new!

Win this for the woman your love or for yourself! You want to be pamper? There are Mary Chia gift voucher to win!

Now to take part this giveaway is easy, just comment and win! The Prize goes to Top Commentator of TH's Corner for this month September, so commenting ends at 12midnight 30 September 2012.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mary Chia gift voucher cancel in Top Commentator giveaway

I just checking the voucher and notice it is valid for two months only from date issued in August. I dont think the winner will get the time to enjoy the gift voucher. So I am removing this Prize from Top commentator giveaway.

I will update the post again on Prize, stay tune.

Good time and bad time

I know life has good time and bad time, we have no choice but face it. Life is challenging it is never easy, that is why many parent now having less children. The cost of living and education are not cheap. I have interest to study again but i see the cost of Diploma RM30K i give up immediately, i remembered i studied Diploma RM12K less than fifteen years ago. Anyway i am just housewife I dont have that much money to go study the course.

Can our kids handle the cost living in future? I have no idea I hope my son able find a decent job that interest him. I advice him not to fall in love at early age when schooling, his attention needs to be on education not love. You cannot use love to put food on the table.

I am sure educating boy and girl are different when comes to love. For girls we most worry then befriend with wrong person. For boys we most worry they befriend with bad boys or got bully by them.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Care glove for woman

The Care Glove which is one of the prize for Top Commentator of this month September. It consists of the booklet and CD. The item is brand new!

At below the box there's Gold Medal Awards from numerous World International Invention Fairs.

It is use for breast check glove to detect any lumps in the breast and acts as an agent to do breast self-examination.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Loving Loccitane shower oil

Do you remembered this Loccitane freebie? It is from Magazine in July and I collected the freebie at Loccitane outlet. I fall in love with the Loccitane Shower Oil, it is so good and smell good too! My first time using the shower oil, yeah haven't try any product of shower oil before this is my first.

Yesterday I head to Loccitane outlet to check if they have the refillable pack, sadly they are sold out. They have only the big bottle and small bottle now. The big bottle is 500ml and it cost RM270 it comes with another shower gel, I forgotten the name of the shower gel. The salesman told me it is leaves and suitable to use for morning as for shower oil suitable to use in the night.

For me the shower oil I will use it morning or evening, as I take shower twice a day.

How about you?

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Moo Cow Frozen Yogurt@The Gardens, Midvalley

I seldom go to The Gardens at Midvalley, I went there few months ago and I found this golden cow. I have not try any of their frozen yogurt, how about you? Which is the best flavour?

I remembered I saw the Moo Cow facebook contest, I didn't take part. I saw some winners on the Facebook they have many funny faces!

Now I am sure you like to know who is the winner of my kid shopping first giveaway! I am posting up soon right after this post. Stay tune. :D

Monday, August 20, 2012

Goodies for girls?

I have added the goodies for My Kid Shopping 1st Giveaway, look at the picture above. I know my prize of giveaway earlier more for boys so I decided to add for girls :D Look at the red bling bangles, green skirt and angel bookmark.

You can find out how to earn extra entry here and this giveaway will ends 20 Aug, 2012. I don't have girl in my family, even though my bro have girl but the children are too young.

I am so excited of this giveaway, I am sure you will want to know who will be lucky winner for this Prize. I will be giving special gift for Top Referral of this giveaway. For detail this giveaway click above link.

My friend is planning to have baby girl because she got two boys, she likes girl very much. Another friend told me that if you are having baby girl you need to have another baby girl because one girl will be not enough she will be boring. I am sure you know of girl talk and boy talk are not the same.

Most of my friends are having just two kids, one boy and one girl are just nice for them.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Lady bird bag puts plastic bags

I have been using this lady bird bag for almost a year now, it is long lasting. I kept all the plastic bags inside this bag. Yeah plastic bags from the shopping of groceries, when there is no plastic bags available on Saturday I will take some to keep in my bag.

Not long ago I went to MBO cinema to watch movie and I purchase pop corn and drink from there. I was given the paper bag, sad to say the paper bag does not last long at all. The paper bag's bottom broken and very difficult for me to hold the pop corn and the drink. Don't forget I have my son with me which I need to look after.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Giveaway ends soon for Paranorman movie tickets

Hurry up click on the link to Win see Paranorman movie with your loved one.

It is going to be great watch movie with your son or loved one. This movie premier at GSC Midvalley. Sean just fall asleep and he is snoring, this evening he saw his classmate Jie Yii at Mcd Subang Parade.

She is wearing pinky today her blouse with white lace at bottom matching her pink pant. Woo yes she is so pink! She has short hair, average height. She plays hide and seek with Sean.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

ToysRUs Members Clearance Sale is back

Yes you are reading this correctly it is happening at ToysRUs members clearance sale further reduction on selected items at Empire Shopping Gallery. It is located at 2nd floor, you may give them a call at 03-56343930.

The sales end tomorrow, so if you have interest to shop for toys go Empire Shopping Gallery. Talking of toys don't forget to take part My Kid Shopping 1st Giveaway.

One of the Prizes consist of Ben 10. What else? How about Mega mind. :D

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Retractable Awnings

Today we are able to find many home designs. I find most homes are under renovation here. Many are using retractable awnings. Talking of awnings, I find there are many types of retractable awnings available at online.

If you are interested in finding a suitable awning, visit this website. I visited the website found it to be very user friendly and easy to browse. There is an awning selector available, and some of the big names are the Bari model, Cagliari model, Colossel model, Trevi model, Genova model, Bologna model, Salerno model, Foggia model, Rimini model, Monza model, Trento model, Messina model, Triste model, Venezia model, and many more models you can find from the website.

For your information the awnings are not designed in China or made in China, but rather, are European designed awnings. If you are looking for replacement parts of awnings, you will also find that. I know when comes to awning we need to find the highest quality awning. I remembered a neighbor purchased cheap awnings and one heavy rain and thunderstorm ruined the awnings. I bet he regretted purchasing the cheap awnings; he could spend little more to purchase quality awnings.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Disney Junior PRiZe

My son is very happy today because he is the only one that got away with the Disney Junior Prize. Look at the prizes in the picture, he got them all in the Disney Junior paper bag. He loves it and he keeps telling me how he won the prize.

He says teacher ask the kids to raise hand on who wants to win a Prize and the person who spelled the word correctly wins it. He is fast to raise hand and able to spell the word COCONUT correctly. :D

Bravo, I am so proud of you.

In mean time quickly check this post for giveaway toy, awesome for your kids.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

1st Giveaway by My Kid Shopping

I love shopping and my boy also the same, he loves shopping for toys. I have first giveaway held on my other blog just click banner to find out how to win.

I want to have giveaway on this blog and mommy blog. So be sure you are my GFC follower and stay tune at my blog.

If you love giveaway, click banner below to find out how to win.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Curry puff from petrol station

I like to go petrol station near my place, there selling breakfast curry puff, kuih muih, nasi lemak, and others. I like to buy the nasi lemak especially the sotong. :D

Sometimes I will purchase the curry puff, I also purchase curry puff from the Indian man that riding motorcycle in the housing area. :D

Don't forget now there is giveaway held at some blogs, so go ahead and find out here, herehere and here.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Looking for new bathroom lighting

It is a beautiful Saturday morning, my friend called me asking me where to purchase comtemporary bathroom lighting. With Internet access today we can easily purchase online, my friend has interest to do that become it is convenient and save time. The website I visited is user friendly and they have wall sconces, 1- light vanity fixtures, 2- light vanity fixtures, 3 light vanity, 4 lights or more. It is depend on what type of bathroom lighting you are looking for. Personally I like the close to ceiling lights, and chandeliers.

My friend told she is tired of seeing the same type of bathroom lighting she wants to make changes of her bathroom lighting. I told her to visit this website for bathroom vanity lighting. We can find the shop departments at the left side bar of the website. Most of the time I would check out their Discount & Clearance, you got to see it for yourself of the retail price and on sales price.

My neighbours have got their home renovation and they have brand new bathroom lighting. Sometimes I wonder where they find the beautiful lighting, the secret is online shopping. If you don't have time to visit the website you can call them at 877-215-2677 to find out what type of lighting suitable for you.

Giveaway at

Have you got interest to have new pair of sunglasses, if yes hurry head to look for this post title Firmoo Glasses giveaway. Hurry take part now as giveaway ends soon, it is shipping to worldwide.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Taking part in giveaway

I have been busy as I sometimes taking part in giveaway whether it is online contest or offline contest. I mostly joined the magazine contest to try my luck so far this year no winning yet, how about you? I'd like to tell you check out giveaway at

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Golden dragon at KLCC

Not long ago we head to KLCC and I like the golden dragon at KLCC so big! My nephew is going to find suitable course for college that he prefers. It happen that there is education fair that we don't want to miss out. I know it is still early for us to decide for Sean but for nephew it is time.

The education fair attracted many visitors and most parents are there to decide which course their children are interested to take. I decided to go for window shopping myself as hubby follow nephew and his bro and wife to check on the course.

It is February now and Chinese New Year is over is the golden dragon removed from the concourse area of KLCC?