Thursday, November 15, 2012

Long Q@Uniqlo Sunway Pyramid

We didnt go for the queue at Uniqlo Sunway Pyramid, so many people it is crazy getting in the long queue. I bet they waited for hours to go in and shop. I don't know what is the main attraction there as I am more into bags. I doubt they have any plus size clothing for ladies, well I may be wrong as I seldom shop there.

Being plus size I know I cannot simply purchase clothes, I need to try out the clothes first. I check out some plus size shop online but sad to say the price not really into my budget. Therefore I don't want see or visit them anymore. How about you?

Being free size would be easiest way to shop, my husband will tell me that I am fat and cannot fit in the dress that I purchased. Hmm... unpleasant to hear that, oh well nevermind don't wear that dress when go out with him. LOL

I saw a bag that is very cute at Sunway Pyramid but sadly the leopard print sling bag cum shoulder cam cost RM80. Oh too much for me, I cannot pay that much for a bag!


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