Sunday, November 25, 2012

Treat children with movie

What is the best way to treat children? I am thinking that it's best to treat them for movie. I am going to bring Sean for movie, sometimes he would say why I haven't bring him for any movie. I find that not all movies suitable for him to watch even though they are rated PG13.

Next week I am going to Midvalley and he's coming along with me. I may treat him to see movie, I don't know I will see how it goes. I will go in the morning so that we can find parking easily. I won't hang out there for long. I am thinking to go Cheras but I am not familar with the route. So long I haven't visit the AEON Mahkota Mall. I told hubby of going there today but he told me that he's not well and prefer to stay home to rest. While typing here, he's busy playing games. It is Angry Birds game, yeah never too old for him. :P

Yesterday I saw my classmate in Sunway Pyramid and we chat for a while. She was going to pay her home's electrical bil, there's Post Office near McD.


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