Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Good time and bad time

I know life has good time and bad time, we have no choice but face it. Life is challenging it is never easy, that is why many parent now having less children. The cost of living and education are not cheap. I have interest to study again but i see the cost of Diploma RM30K i give up immediately, i remembered i studied Diploma RM12K less than fifteen years ago. Anyway i am just housewife I dont have that much money to go study the course.

Can our kids handle the cost living in future? I have no idea I hope my son able find a decent job that interest him. I advice him not to fall in love at early age when schooling, his attention needs to be on education not love. You cannot use love to put food on the table.

I am sure educating boy and girl are different when comes to love. For girls we most worry then befriend with wrong person. For boys we most worry they befriend with bad boys or got bully by them.


  1. So true,always finish educations first only you can focus on being in a relationship ;)


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