Monday, November 12, 2012

Bathroom for old parents

My dad has been thinking to fix a bathroom just like above picture. He made one that look almost like above. Sadly my grandfather didn't make it to use it, he passed away few years back when my dad and siblings are welcoming him back with an open arms. We were excited that he's going to come back after many years of living abroad.

It is sad but life goes on, he will always be in my heart. I prefer the bathroom with the seating instead of squatting. I have hard time to balance during squad no kidding, I can feel that I am going front and back! I can't get the balance well, emm... I am not alone because Sean too.

Hubby would need to hold his hands if he needs to use bathroom that squad. I was told that if I want to change my bathroom from squad to seating would need to spend thousands for it. What type of bathroom would you prefer?

 I don't want to think of this at the moment because the fridge mad me gone mad.

1 comment:

  1. I prefer seat as well but right now,my toilet is still in Squad mode haha


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