Monday, October 8, 2012

Bad people fart durian twice in concert day!

Last Saturday a good day for me and my friend because our children going to go for concert. We sat together to watch the concert, and someone fart durian smell! OMG!! It is so smelly you cannot believe the person actually fart twice during the concert, no kidding we guess the big tall man sitting infront of me! He cannot sits probably at all keep moving front and backwards. The smell of durian so bad, you know why hotel and aeroplane does not allow you to carry durian inside to eat!

I don't know why hubby don't smell any, he doesn't eat durian. Even my friend's hubby didn't smell it! Alrights my friend and me really annoyed by whoever the person that fart!

The night we reached home nearly 11pm and we tapao food back home to eat. 


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