Monday, August 20, 2012

Goodies for girls?

I have added the goodies for My Kid Shopping 1st Giveaway, look at the picture above. I know my prize of giveaway earlier more for boys so I decided to add for girls :D Look at the red bling bangles, green skirt and angel bookmark.

You can find out how to earn extra entry here and this giveaway will ends 20 Aug, 2012. I don't have girl in my family, even though my bro have girl but the children are too young.

I am so excited of this giveaway, I am sure you will want to know who will be lucky winner for this Prize. I will be giving special gift for Top Referral of this giveaway. For detail this giveaway click above link.

My friend is planning to have baby girl because she got two boys, she likes girl very much. Another friend told me that if you are having baby girl you need to have another baby girl because one girl will be not enough she will be boring. I am sure you know of girl talk and boy talk are not the same.

Most of my friends are having just two kids, one boy and one girl are just nice for them.


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