Monday, December 31, 2012

Failure of lucky draw in SS17 Bomba

Last night I took time off with my son to go SS17 Bomba which is located in Subang Jaya. We had the lucky draw numbers in hand as we get them in the envelope. Sadly to say the way the lucky draws chosen are wrong! They didn't use the numbers given to us for the lucky draw, instead they use ping pong balls with numbers from 0 to 9. They need to draw the balls many times and many times numbers shown up the same! We are disappointed because many Prizes aren't given away in the end, we waited until one something in the morning. Yeah you could say it is a long night, everyone waiting to see if they have the luck!

One family of three seated next to me decided to make a move as they know the numbers they have in hand will never be called! YEs I can tell you not all numbers are called in the night. The ping pong baalls numbers drawn some numbers are 800 over and that's impossible because I don't think we have 800 over peoples at the scene.

Anyway we have fun we get to see fireworks so closed in the first time! It is going to be good memory for us, and Sean very sad he didn't win any Prize from lucky draw. He crieds while going back home, he's not alone his friend's family too didn't win anything from the lucky draw.

They have over two hunderds of Prizes to be won for lucky draw on 31 Dec 2012, hopefully end of this year they can do it better.


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