Thursday, October 18, 2012

Missing puppy Shih Tzu

Yeah my friends told me about the missing puppy, and they want to help to look for the puppy. Here's the info of the missing puppy. The puppy gone missing on 11 Oct 2012, around 2 in the afternoon at Jalan SS17/2J, Subang Jaya.

If anyone you in this neighbourhood seen the puppy. You can contact the owners Tina 016-7054490/ 014-9135489. The price for one puppy Shih Tzu RM950. If you return the puupy you get reward of RM2000.

I was a dog owner myself but not this breed of dog. I would be sad too if my puppy gone missing. There a was a time my dad's dog get abducted outside his home, yeah sadly we unable track who took the dog. It was small breed dog and easy to carry around. Sad I still feel there's a connection between me and the dog, I mean I miss the dog so much.

Having a dog at home is huge responsibility, you need to protect and care for your dog.


  1. Awww that puppy is soooo cute,i hope they found it by now :(


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