Thursday, December 31, 2009

Countdown New Year at Sunway Pyramid

Last night I suggested to go see the fireworks I have been talking about in the evening. So we head to Burger King but the restaurant is not open? Oh.. that is sad because that's the best place to hang out and then go to the bridge and watch the fireworks like last year. As the year 2008 we head to see without any supper at the bridge.

Anyway last year 2009 worst year for us, we parked the car at Sunway Pyramid shopping mall and guess what we not manage to see the whole fireworks as we are standing near the entrance of mall. Then we got stucked in the jam at carpark which leads us out only at 2 something so we reached home 2.30am!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Smoking corner

Sean lately is behaving not so good, he wants to find battery then he pretending he is smoking. That is bad, this started sometimes ago then he stopped and now he started again. Must be watching the people next door smoking, the construction workers there to renovate the house but at the same time they are also smoking!

I don't want him to grow up smoking, my sister's exboy friend is a smoker and he cannot stop smoking for many years. He started since he was a kid as his grandma always sell cigarettes.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Holiday

I am not ready yet as everyone need to go the restaurant to wait for the couple to arrive for tea ceremony. It is the wedding day for hubby's cousin, they are at Bahau which is far away from here. Anyway I am waiting to see the bride's wedding gown, I saw her wedding photos all her wedding gowns are off shoulders so pretty!

Yeah they have two wedding album and comes with a brieft case. The wedding album first page is made of glass with their photo on, so pretty and unique. The price of the photography and wedding pictures $4,000. They are going for honeymoon to Hong Kong next month.

This reminds me that hubby and me have been married for 7 years.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Christmas Pictures, Images and Photos

How is everyone doing? Did you go for the last minute shopping?

It is quite common here that everyone prefer to go last minute so they can get better deal. Last minute shopping you will need to queue longer and wait your turn to get out of the car park.

Not sure if it is the same at your place.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Pushing chairs and tables

Sean is having fun on his own right now, he is busy pushing the sofa away. Yeah he has the energy to push away the sofa against the door. In fact he can even lock you outside if you are out alone. He will keep laughing if you are lock outside.

He is busy with the chairs arrangement, sometimes in the living it is full of chairs. A row of six dining chairs he can grab and line them up. There is a microphone for him to play, it belongs to my mom but we seldom use it.

Houses here are having renovation I can hear the bang here and there.

Transformers watch


Kids love Transformers so do I, when I was a kid I keep my eyes on the TV more than anything.

As I told you about the Transformers Watch that my sis got for Sean, this is the one!

Later we are going out again as hubby need to head to the bank for bank in car loan. Other than that, I need to buy banana for Sean as this afternoon he cried to have one. I got the feeling that this week is gonna be busy for everyone!

If you wonder where you can get this watch, head to the Ampang Tesco! It was my first time there and I plan to go again but depend on hubby's mood. He hates driving far away, but I don't see he complains about driving back hometown.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Lost Transformers and Ben10 Stickers

Yesterday we head to a mall in Kuala Lumpur, I paid $10 for Sean's Transformers and Ben 10 Stickers. I think hubby lost it and he keeps saying that I am the one that hold it. Anyway we lost it, it is out first time to Ampang Tesco. They are so many people there we need time to find parking. I can say that the Ampang Tesco is more crowd than Puchong Tesco.

There is so many to see and buy at Ampang Tesco. Yeah more stalls to see, but the toilet there is limited! Hubby saw the toilet very small and crowded with people so he has no chance to go. Not just him but ladies too, we need to queue up and wait.

We only reached home in the evening around 5pm. We are tired so no cooking and eat out at a restaurant cost $60 of three rice, three dishes, four drinks, and a Kajang Hot Pepper Soup.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Son washed my car :D

Right now Sean is washing my car, he is good boy but he is demanding too. This morning we headed to Starbuck coffee, do you know where is free coffee from 11am to 1 pm? I manage to grab the coffee and sister-in-law Jen too but Sean needs to be special order as he not drink hot coffee.

Starbuck coffee I like to purchase from Sunway Pyramid and MidValley as you can buy one get one free. :D

I have been busy all day long and not finished reading the newspaper.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Elai ad is up until 15 Jan 2010

Yeah now Elai ad space is up so everyone is welcome click on the banner to visit her.

I am tired as Sean wakes up early everyday even though he sleeps late. Now we are watching Boa Vs Python. Oh I like to watch this but I prefer Anaconda. :) Sean likes to watch excitement and adventure movies.

Last night my sis called me bu I was in my room so hubby chat with her. Anyway she is upset that her stuff is stolen and clothes exchange? I think she should seek help from police but I doubt she will do that. She just need to be more careful next time.

Almost forgot to say that Elai's ad space is up at other blog too. Not getting any news from twins I guess they are busy as sister in law K having exams.

Don't worry be happy

I am sure everyone has got something to worry so let's just keep this in mind. Don't worry be happy, I love this song so much, it is the one I often heard at the cinema? Do you remember that? I think it is the advertisement of jolly shandy. :D

This Friday is holiday, do you have any plan? I do have one but I am not sure if my plan will be smooth on that day. Two weeks from now there will be a wedding to attend. Hubby needs to help out his cousin as he needs more car for fetching the bridesmaids. So far they have got four cars!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

I am fat

Yesterday hubby and myself at grandpa's funeral, I am able to see many relatives there. But most of them I cannot recall their name. My uncle who is back from Australia says that I am fat. I am not alone as he also says that another relatives also fat after married. It seems that the wife follow hubby who loves to eat.

By the way I don't know that after the funeral services over you need to change your entire. My aunt was very sad as she was the one that care for my grandpa for many years. I seldom exercise that is why I am having pain on my leg.

The funeral ceremony on Friday's night was three hours which you need to pray and sing. I don't know how to sing as I just see from the book, they given but my sisters know the songs very well. Other than that need to bend down and pray for many times! Another cousin spotted me and asking why I am there.

What a silly question, I am there because I want to pay last respect to grandpa.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Kerry Blogversary

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

First Giveaway by Ayu

I am sure you are waiting to find out how you can take part First Giveaway by Ayu.

Hadiah Cabutan Bertuah + Mystery Gift

Hadiah utk The Best Entry + Mystery Gift

I love this giveaway as the frames are so lovely, everything you see are the Prizes! Giveaway ends on 15 Dec, 2009 you stand the chance to win if you take part. :)

Short of cash

Everyone knows that Christmas is just few weeks away, everyone need to prepare gift for loved one. Christmas is a special moment for family and loved one to spend together. Some people have plan on going for a holiday this season, how about you?

I am sure you know that money is hard to earn but easy to spend. This evening we headed to shopping mall for groceries and with less than 25 things in the trolley it cost us MYR$220. So little things but cost so much, the family ahead of us spend even more. The couple have got four children and their spending MYR$500.

Everyday you find some people with short of cash that is why you need to list down what you need to buy. We can have everything but money is important when comes to emergency for example health. I know I need cash to pay for Sean's medical insurance.

When I think of money I will think of emergency loans. This site is where people get emergency cash that they need. Of course there are terms and conditions which they need to find out. When comes to emergency, you will find many ways hope that you are able to get the amount of money that you want.

Games for boy

I am sure you have seen such games before, I play it before as I got two brothers. I always use their left over toys, the guns are fun to play. Sean was so excited when he saw this toy, he insists to buy. We decided not to buy any at all but he cannot wait at all. We supposed to head for breakfast and we did but over there Sean kept crying and he needs to get his hands on the toy.

After he gets his hands on them, he wants to play it immediately and not want eat at all.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Vitamin C for Sean

I purchase vitamin C for Sean and he loves it so much that he keeps want to eat it. He does not like the calcium any more because he likes the orange taste of Vitamin C.

Now we are waiting at home for brother in law to come and pick the kids up. They are going back today as they need to attend tuition classes. I find that tuition classes are expensive here.

In fact many children are taking tuition class, I taken tuition classes before how about you? I think it help me to do better in the exams.

Next year Sean will be learning to write I hope he will listen to the teacher. I got to know from the teacher on the last day that he falls asleep in class.

Happy weekend to everyone!

Stay over @Brother in law house?

Tomorrow we will go back to PD send the kids back then we are back here again as hubby needs to attend dinner at his colleague home. However sister-in-law Jen told me that mother in law ask us to stay over except for hubby so that Sean can play with them.

Frankly speaking I am not interested and I don't want to see the kids fighting! Yeah even though they are older than Sean they will want to play the games too. The weather in PD super hot and I cannot stand it. I am so bored there that I can just stay in my room!

I prefer to come home for doing things that I want. I am having more freedom here. Over there I cannot stand them talking this and that.