Sunday, November 29, 2009

Eggs for Sean

Sean now is interested with eggs, since last week he back from Kindy he will ask for eggs to put on the egg tray. As you can see one of the eggs with plant, that's belong to him.

Teacher must have helped him to plant it and his classmate got the same plant too. Yesterday morning Sean playing with the egg and he breaks one of it. He says Oh Oo...

Where do you buy eggs? I usually shop at Carrefour or Giant or Jusco. I see that there are always spoiled eggs given, I don't know why that always happened.

Such a long holiday but now everyone is back to work. We went to bird park hubby was tired but we had fun looking at the birds. Oh yeah niece and nephew come along and niece afraid of birds, if she saw huge one she will pull your shirt! She wants hurry back to get away from them!

We saw the chicks and two ducklings! They are so cute!

So they are me, hubby, sister-in-law Jen, three children cost MYR$66 to go Bird Park KL. By the way if you got real reward, jusco card there will be little bit discount! Better than no discount right? Don't forget bring along your MYCAD!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

News of grandpa from Australia

This is such a sad email I have got from my uncle in Australia.

just to update. father situation turn worse just the morning my dad and aunt went back, he got water into his lung. reading into his condition father probably got hours or a day or 2 according doctors.
anyway we all need to be ready.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

New bicycle bell for Sean

Sean loves his bicycle so much and his red bell is spoiled so hubby purchase this silver bell for him. It is made in China and he bought it from Daiso. Daiso has many things to choose from but not everything that I am looking for.

Have you been to Daiso, what have you purchase there?

I think Daiso is getting famous here as so many people are going there to shop. It is usually crowded during the weekend.

By the way I think sister-in-law has her period going on more than a week now. She keeps quiet about this, she still takes ABC ice kacang! I cannot always take cold drink when I have period. How about you?

Grandpa condition

My dad and aunt are in Australia to visit my grandpa at hospital. He has not send or call back because he has run out of credit with his hotlink. My dad and aunt will be back tomorrow evening.

Everyone is concern about grandpa's health.

This is email from my 5th uncle regarding my grandpa in Australia.

Grandpa is still in deep coma as a result of the bleeding inside the brain, however, his condition has not deteriorate (but has not improved either). All of us are just waiting and hoping for the best.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Mango tree

I love to eat mango and it is one of my favourite fruits. This one is sour so I not eat always. Nice to make fruit rojak, I think need another week or two to see it bigger. There are two mango trees here at the playground.

There is other fruits like rambutan, I tried before it is sweet but skin is too hard to open so need to chew it open!

I rather eat fruits than the medicine, eat fruits good for health and everyone. I need to buy banana as Sean sometimes asking for it. As for papaya dad's has papaya trees at home!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

That's my good boy!

I am so glad that Sean goes to the Kindy party today, in the morning he wakes up keep crying as refuse to go. He is looking for brother in law kids, yeah all of them. So they pretend to be sleeping in the room when he walks in there.

Since last night hubby and niece have a talk with Sean to go Kindy today. Yeah he is able to understand now and willing to communicate but as per hubby he is stubborn just like me. I don't think I am stubborn, I just stay firm on what I believe.

When we reached the Kindy, the kids are there happy playing with their casual wear. The playground is fixed with two new toys! Good because I saw some of it is broken and kids still playing there. Sean also rides on the broken toy at playground. I guess that is how he got his hand injured with cuts.

For parents kids will be their priority, let me know if I am wrong. As for us, we place Sean as priority which mean education is important too!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Talk to them first

I want to ask if you ever have a hunch that something is going to happen which you cannot predict at all. Well it happened to me I don't know how to explain it but I get the feeling for such a long time and it is what I not expect.

The brother in law David kids are here way too early than I expect. Usually they are only here during the school holiday not before. Sean has got two weeks class from Monday as tomorrow he needs to go Kindy party.

I told hubby about my suggestion that the kids go back with bro on Sunday as the plan was to bring back one of them. As one of them need to go for extra class at school for two weeks too. I know things are not complicate at all but I always see they see.

Anyway I am feeling lost now.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Please pray for my grandpa

My dad and 3rd aunt going to fly to Australia by Air Asia as they want to see my grandpa at hospital. Due to stroke he is now in coma, 5th uncle was saying in email "Please do not have high hope about father, he is in Coma and does not respond at all when I was there."

I wish I can go along but I can't, I have to care for Sean. I do not want to leave Sean with anyone. Even though sister-in-law Jen is here to help but it is not the same. Sometimes she has got temper as she is experiencing menopause but she keeps denying it.

About passport mine is expired, Sean does not have passport. Grandpa was carrying me so my dad can take picture of us, the memory is still fresh in my mind.

Deeply sad about my grandpa condition, I want to be positive that grandma is waiting on the other side. Grandma I have not met before, she passed away not long after having the youngest son in the family.

My dad is going there as he will meet up with another uncle and family.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mr Bean sand picture

I love this because I am the one that play with the sands. It is so much fun to stick the sands on them I always want to know how they do it, now I know as I have hands on experienced. Have you tried it before? I am sure kids love them, Sean has fun playing it and he cannot have enough of it.

I know they are so many to choose from, I do not want to stop playing them but I cannot as I am so tired standing there with many people and kids playing at the same time. We got this from One Utama, I seldom go there it is like once or two months one visit only we headed there. How about you?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ben 10 coming to town!

Oh yeah I am sure everyone knows that the Ben 10 is coming to town. So are you going? We are not going because hubby says there will be a lot people.

This is such a fun sand picture we got from One Utama. Last Friday there were CIMB bank there and there are freebies to play the sand picture. Yeah this picture is not complete as the Ben 10 is not stick with sands.

I know that Sean loves Ben 10 so far he grab the four arms and ice man? Okay I forget the name of ice man toy he has got.

Currently Sean at Kindy so I get to update this blog. Last night we went to 99 supermarket he wants another toy, we say no but he still insists. Lucky us we go back with only chocolate milk for Sean.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Milk not enough

Sean is not having enough of chocolate milk, hubby purchase for him to drink and he can finish them fast!

Last week I was going to buy bread and Sean comes along and he wants more than that. All beverages for him so if you want you need to ask him. Here's tricky part he will only share if the drink he seldom takes it.

He seen the dentist and the charges this time is MYR$60 for the first time it cost so much as usually MYR$40. Then we headed to the restaurant downstair as hubby not eat his dinner yet. I had Asam Laksa there, and hubby ordered chicken rice, for drinks I had ice tea, milo ice for Sean and a glass of coffee for hubby.

Monday, November 2, 2009

MYR$500 not enough to repair washing machine?!

This afternoon the technician called to inform me that my Sanyo washing machine cannot be repair. There need to replace the board and it cost more than $500. I told them yesterday on phone that my budget is $500 take it or leave it!

I even told the lady on phone that I have purchae a new washing machine. In fact their service on repair and maintenance cost even more than my dad's place. They are making profit of at least $100 on electrical items that they are selling.

No kidding, I purchase the water heater from them and it cost $550 but at my dad's place it is only $300. Imagine the profit they are making, now they know my budget to fix the washing machine is just $500. He called me trying to pursuade me to spent more than that.

They told me before taking the washing machine if it can be fixed they will repair it if not they will return it to me. My washing machine is at their shop since last week.

If they are smart they should take $500 and repair my washing machine even though the profit is only $50. It is still money!

Well I am waiting them to call me back, I want to know the cost of checking the washing machine. Yeah nothing is free, they come to home to check need to pay them.