Tuesday, March 30, 2010

One mommy approached me

Yesterday while pick up Sean from Kindergarten a mommy approach me asking where is the Kindergarten that Sean is going. She wants to know as her daughter is same class with Sean. I think her daughter is younger than Sean.

Anyway we have decided to put Sean with same group of his friends. They are going to same location as only one of them decided to go the far away one. The far away will be trouble for me, that day I took half hour drive to find the kindergarten then at night I really tired and I fall asleep very fast.

Hubby says it is better to let them together because Sean does not need to find new friends all over again.

Monday, March 29, 2010

No decision on Kindergarten

Hubby is not helping much as he left me to make the decision on which kindergarten to put Sean. Oh I am pulling hair to know which is best for him, it is not about the location but the education for him. The teachers are not going to same kindergarten and I was told that the one about 15 minute away from my place is where Sean met his many friends. Most of his friends are there, my worry is that he will be bully or fight with children.

Decision must be made by this few days, actually I was told that I need to let them know by tomorrow! Oh well, I can't just close my eyes and pick one. I don't see my parents have so much to worry during my time, it was them that pick the school for me!

Now as a parent I need to choose the suitable Kindergarten for Sean. I am not choosing any international school types as those are way too expensive for us. I was told that a month fee could be MYR$5,000 for primary school education.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday 26 Mar, hubby at work!

1. The right word always do the same picking up the toys.
2.Dad is having his nap and shut the door quietly, please.
3. Up goes the lizard on the wall.
4. Starbuck outlet from 8.30pm onwards is where you'll find me.
5. Ooh! What is that crawling out of the TV?
6. Earth Hour 8.30pm to 9.30pm is a good idea.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to sleep late, tomorrow my plans include send hubby to work and Sunday, I want to eat curry noodle!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Health and skin care

My sister used to be active member of Amway but not anymore. So it is my first time to try the supplement. Just to inform you that I have finished the health supplement and only the skin care product not finish.

Have you try this product before and do you like it?

Friday, March 19, 2010

Alone time for a while

Yeah looks like I am having along time for a while maybe like 15 minutes because Jen brought Sean along to buy cold drinks, she is having interest to drink the cold ice cendol. Good for her but not for me as I am not feeling so well.

I don't prefer cold drinks at the moment, hubby is at work so busy that he has no idea what time he will be back. Moving from one office to another office, you know that's a lot of work. He has to help with the carrying and wiring too.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Play ground for kids

Above play ground is located at Seremban Parade if not mistaken. We went there few months ago. The food court is quiet and many food stalls closed.

Sean sure loves the KFC play ground, he can stay there for more than half an hour. He also like to play at McD play ground. I think if you are going to open business for dining best to have a spot where attract kids to play like KFC.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Wild dog at neighbourhood?

Hubby does not like dog as he fear of dog too, he wants Sean to be away from them. There goes the dog above that is getting near to us. Hubby wants me to get Sean into the car fast! We do not want to get bitten by the dog, the dog might look tame but who knows it might bite you.

I used to have a puppy and it bites my finger, I got a bloody finger on the day. Back then I was a teen attending secondary school.

I think the pet owners must have let it out. I manage to snap picture of one dog, there is another one I don't know where it goes.

Hair care and hair style advice

My mom is looking for a new hair style, she told me today as she is bored with her current hairstyle which is short. She loves curly hair and she likes to get her hair dye as well. Not that she is bored with black hairstyles, my mom has many grey hairs now. Some of my friends still prefer their black hairstyles and they want to see what else they can do with their hair. My friend Maggie always looking for the suitable hairstyles.

Tell me what type of hairstyles you like, as for me I like red hairstyles. I am not good with highlights the hair myself as they turn out terribly. I love to browse online for the Celebrities hairstyles. You can find many pictures at this site for the hairstyles and hair care advice.

If you got the money you can go to the salon and get everything done there. But not everyone is able to afford that so we can browse online for the tips and advice. Beauty is for both man and woman today. I am sure you know about bad hair day, I do care of hairstyle and I will visit Total Beauty Hairstyles for more information.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

So pretty

Do you want to get have pretty necklace for yourself or your girl friend? You can get free ribbon necklace, find out how. You just need address in Malaysia to participate, if you don't have one get your friends to help you to accept the Prize first. Who knows when you are here you can collect it yourself.

Busy day for us as we just back from shopping at Carrefour. If you are going to Carrefour at Subang Jaya, you will find that they have rearrangement of the items they put. It is not the same place any more, some people might have problem to find the stuff that used to be there. Anyway Jen was looking for sanitary pad and was told sold out. I mean the brand that she is looking for Sofy with the longest shape. She says that they have been changes on the quality, do you know anything of that? I don't know as I don't use the longest shape.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday 12 March, School holiday starts!

You are looking at my lovely red chair but it is broken, Jen sat on it and it split.

1. I am so looking forward to find someone to repair my red chair, but who?
2.Don't forget to check your entry on the Amazing Ten Giveaway later.
3. When you get constipation get yourself a glass of 100 plus and eat plenty of fruits.
4. Being happy is a big part of my life.
5. If you need anything don't forget to leave a comment here.
6. It is Matta Fair soon, don't forget to find yourself package for a trip.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to count the entries of my giveaway, tomorrow my plans include see what I can add in the Prize if I have reach 50 entries for my giveaway and Sunday, I want to attend wedding buffet lunch at Cheras!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

2As 9Bs

I heard from my sister-in-law Jen that brother-in-law David's son has got his SPM result. His aim was getting at least 8As to 10As. But the result is out and he only obtained 2As and the rest is in B. If he has got all of them As, David is going to buy him a notebook for college. Anyway he still get his new notebook as he has good result in the past examinations. He's going to college next month.

My mom-in-law challenges him that if he obtains 10As he will get $10K from her. Well, I knew that it is impossible to get 10As because he loves to play online games all the time. He spends most time on the computer more than his books. He also went for tuition classes, now his friends are going to Inti College and he cannot go because money issue. It seems the course that he wants to study is very expensive.

He's a smart boy, he told David that he can put the house to refinance so he can go study at Inti College. Well, he forgot about his siblings that are younger than him.

Anyway I remember I only obtained one A in SPM, how about you?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

LadyJava blog makeover giveaway

I love my blog and I know there is need of changes on this blog. LadyJava is very good in blog makeover, you also can take part to win LadyJava blog makeover giveaway. Happy birthday to LadyJava, it is nice to celebrate Birthday with a giveaway!

I am sure you love blogging like me, so if you thinking of a blog makeover, check out this giveaway. This giveaway is based on random pick so everyone has the chance to win!

Giveaway ends on 25 March, 2010, winner to be contact on 31 March, 2010.

LJC Giveaway

Eye on cakes

Yeah the cakes look yummy, Sean chooses them while hubby carried him as he cannot see them. We went to night market and he loves to eat cake. I also choose the swish roll, we left the box on the table with the plastic bag tight up. We forgot to place it in fridge, next morning I saw the ants on the table. I know something wrong, so once open the ants are coming out!

I was able to save the cakes and they are still yummy to eat. Now don't forget to check your entries on the giveaway.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Amazing 10 Giveaway@TH Corner


It has been sometimes I plan for giveaway at this blog. I am going to have a giveaway on this blog and it is call Amazing 10 giveaway, yes you can see that there are total ten items. All for one lucky winner!

How to take part in this giveaway?
  • add TH's corner to your blog list and become follower on this blog.
  • blog about this giveaway with 10 items on the list and link to this blog.
  • copy the above picture at your side bar link to this blog.
  • don't forget to comment below with what you did and the link of your url so I can keep track of it.
  • giveaway ends on 12 April, 2010 at 11 pm.
What can you win? The 10 items below!
  1. Hello Kitty photo frame from TH's corner
  2. Angel Necklace from My Kid Shopping
  3. Black Leather Deodorant from Twins Happiness
  4. The KFC Delivery Crew from Also Mommy
  5. Pooh photo frame from There is Happiness
  6. Prelove Eyeko Pink Polish nail polish from name sherry
  7. Prelove Eyeko Pretty Polish nail polish from heart random
  8. Eye mask from lurvertyhing.com
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  10. Mask from That Blog 4 Me
About choose winner, I don't know yet if I want to use the random.org or pick out from hat. :D Stay tune to find out.

Participants that qualified for this giveaway as following:
  1. MamaLyna
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If you not seen your name on the list, you maybe not complete the what you need to do on this giveaway. Do check on above on how to take part in this giveaway again, leave a comment once you are done. :D

Good luck.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Have you try Jus Mate 5?

My friend had try out the Jus Mate 5 but she not really like the taste. I have not heard of this brand and I try google so I find out that this is orange taste. She told me that it is taste like orange it better to drink it cold! She also told me that she feels like vomit drinking it. That is why she wants to sell it off.

I think it is depend on individual that take this drink. Have you tried it before and do you like it?

I just taken down diya's ad as it ends on 3 March, 2010. Now it is 8 March, 2010.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Shopping for body shampoo

Hubby has bought something for himself today, so it is my turn to buy myself the body shampoo. Oh well, it is a new product here as it is made in Hong Kong. I am tired as two hours ago we back from the shopping mall. We were out since afternoon as hubby meet up with his former colleague for high tea.

We have fantastic time at the restaurant and Sean enjoy the cakes. He has no interest in other food just cake. He also loves the ice cream on cone, but I don't like the ice cream they melt too soon!

Today is holiday for Sean as he has not read and write.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sleeping beauty

Well I am sure you unable to guess who is under this pillow. I was busy and Sean takes his nap in the playpen so sister-in-law Jen was the one sitting on the lazy chair and fall asleep.

She is tired and today she told me that she not going to eat lunch. She only drank nestum that's it as she wants to lose weight. I want to say that that's not a healthy way to lose weight. I know she will not listen to what I say as she only listen to what she wants to listen.

For many times I repeat what I said and I am tired of repeating them. She will ask again and again even though I mention before.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Roaring dinosaurs

Both dinosaurs belonging to Sean, and he has more in the living room. He toys is scatter in the place and sometimes he wants to look for them it is hard. By the way Jen found out that the home which is having renovation was robbed!

Robbed of the accessories to do renovation for home, the workers left the home they did lock the gate. But problem is the thief so clever to climb up the wall which not complete and all expensive accessories are stolen. I hope they report the matter to police, my area is high crime area!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Incidenat at One Utama old wing car park

I received this email and thought to share with everyone about safety at car park of shopping mall.

You must have wondered why I asked of Carrie's help to send the following message to all of
you. Please take serious note in what I am going to tell you here. I would say that yesterday was
a lucky day to me, if not, I wouldn't be here alive to send this email out to you or to celebrate CNY open house to some of you who will be coming tonight.
I went to One Utama Shopping Mall yesterday after Tesco. Time was around 1pm. I parked my
car at the old wing, B1 level near the Arena food court. I did a reverse parking and my car was
indeed very near to the food court entrance. Those shoppers who went in and out can see me in
full view. Exact parking location was D4, in 3rd or 4th plot where the car turn in. It was indeed
very close to the entrance.
As I came down from my car, I saw these 2 malay young adults walked towards me. I did not
bothered at all cos I thought they were shoppers who want to collect their cars. I went to the
trunk to check on a bottle of clorox i bought in Tesco cos I was afraid the liquid may be spilt
during the driving. It only took me a few second to put up the clorox bottle and then I closed the
trunk, I had not locked the car yet. Suddenly the 2 malay came very near me and took out a 1
foot long parang and pointed at me. I gave them my handbag. But that was not enough, they
asked me to unlock the car and wanted me to go inside the car. They said "jangan bising, masuk
kereta, cepat."
At that point I was struggling, the car was actually still unlock. They commanded me a few times to unlock the car, so in the moment of confusion, I pressed the button and I actually locked the car. They repeated their sentence asking me to unlock the car, and one of the Malay with parang was pushing towards the driver side. In panic, I pressed the remote, this time the car was unlocked. The malay with parang then openned the car door trying to push me in. I looked at the situation, due the driver's side car door was openned and there was another car parked beside my car, I only had a very narrow path to escape. Worse of all, I was afriad that half of my body might bang the car door and instead of running forward and out i would actually be pushed back to the robbers who stood beside me.
I prayed very hard in my heart. Canny Ong's case came into my mind. I can't go inside the car, I
kept telling myself, that was the worst thing to do. I prayed and prayed then I looked at the robber with parang, I noticed that he was looking down somewhere, the other robber was standing next to him. I saw the narrow path, I knew I must somehow get myself out of the path. In a split second, I seized the opportunity and run, thank God, somehow I managed to squeezed thru the gap and run out towards the crowd. I did not know how I did it.
Many people saw what happened to me. There was a lady grabbed me and tried to clamed me
down. I do not blame those people for not doing enough to help me cos everyone was in panic
and with a parang the robber can harm me in situation like that.
My husband and I then went to lodge report, I then asked of Carrie's help to sent the following
email first cos I did not know when I would be finishing lodging the reports with the relevant
authorities. And some of you may be on leave today so you won't be able to reach me via
handphone. All my money, mobile, credit cards etc in the bag were gone but my house keys
which attached to the car key were still tightly clinched in my hand (this was another fortunate
thing). I was still badly shaken inside even now. We reached home around 6.30pm after lodging all necessary reports with Jusco Management and the Police.
Last night, we managed to talk to those top guns in the corporation and today we went into One
Utama Jusco management office to view the CCTV. We all are in this together, we are trying to
help out each other. Together with One Utama and Jusco management, we have formed a task
force to look into this serious case of robbing and kidnapping. Our main purpose is to make the
shopping mall safer to all the shoppers like you and me in the future. What have happened was
luckily not worse than what it can be...with all the "if"s... Inspector Zulmairi from Mutiara
Damansara told us that he has been handling One Utama Shopping Mall cases for long time and this was the first time he came across such serious case.
Please be extra careful and taking extra precautious wherever you are. I prayed that God keep
us safe under His wings. I actually prayed on the breakfast table that morning asking for God's
protection from danger, harm and accident. God was listening.
To all of you who will be out with family and friends celebrating CNY or birthdays or gathering,
please watch out for each other. God bless you all.
Lay Pheng
(New mobile: 012 493 0237)
P/S: Do not spread news and tell people not to go One Utama cos that was not my intention and
spreading news like this will not help the situation. We will work together with the corporation to push the security level to a higher notch. Prevention and tighter security measurement are what we are after for. We do not want this to happen to any of you or your family member. I
am fortunate enough to be out of the situation, next victim may not be so lucky.