Thursday, March 11, 2010

2As 9Bs

I heard from my sister-in-law Jen that brother-in-law David's son has got his SPM result. His aim was getting at least 8As to 10As. But the result is out and he only obtained 2As and the rest is in B. If he has got all of them As, David is going to buy him a notebook for college. Anyway he still get his new notebook as he has good result in the past examinations. He's going to college next month.

My mom-in-law challenges him that if he obtains 10As he will get $10K from her. Well, I knew that it is impossible to get 10As because he loves to play online games all the time. He spends most time on the computer more than his books. He also went for tuition classes, now his friends are going to Inti College and he cannot go because money issue. It seems the course that he wants to study is very expensive.

He's a smart boy, he told David that he can put the house to refinance so he can go study at Inti College. Well, he forgot about his siblings that are younger than him.

Anyway I remember I only obtained one A in SPM, how about you?

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