Monday, March 29, 2010

No decision on Kindergarten

Hubby is not helping much as he left me to make the decision on which kindergarten to put Sean. Oh I am pulling hair to know which is best for him, it is not about the location but the education for him. The teachers are not going to same kindergarten and I was told that the one about 15 minute away from my place is where Sean met his many friends. Most of his friends are there, my worry is that he will be bully or fight with children.

Decision must be made by this few days, actually I was told that I need to let them know by tomorrow! Oh well, I can't just close my eyes and pick one. I don't see my parents have so much to worry during my time, it was them that pick the school for me!

Now as a parent I need to choose the suitable Kindergarten for Sean. I am not choosing any international school types as those are way too expensive for us. I was told that a month fee could be MYR$5,000 for primary school education.

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